3 Reasons You are Bloated and How to Fix it

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Painful, uncomfortable, extreme bloating… We have all been there! More often than not, people experience daily bloating no matter what they do; and that can be so incredibly frustrating!

Does this sound like you at all? Eating a snack and your stomach expands like you’re six months pregnant… but WHY?! Let’s dive into 3 reasons you may be bloated & how to fix it!

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Speed Eating

A busy day-to-day life makes it so hard to set aside time to eat and really be present in that moment. Maybe you have meetings all day and work through lunch…however, this could be adding onto the bloat you may be feeling! Eating too fast or not focusing on breathing while eating can cause excess air to enter the stomach and add to the bloated feeling.

To help this, set aside at least 20 minutes to eat your meal and take 4-5 big deep belly breaths before beginning the meal. This helps you ground yourself before eating, and connects you to your digestive system.

Along with this, make sure to set your utensil down in between bites to make sure you are not rushing your meal. Lastly, one of the most important tips is to chew your food thoroughly! Digestion starts in the mouth, so take your time in tasting and chewing your food! The food should be down to the consistency of applesauce before swallowing it.

You aren’t using the bathroom regularly

That’s right, I am talking about your pooping schedule! That bloated feeling may be attributed to not fully eliminating when passing a bowel movement, or not going to the bathroom enough/regularly!

You should be pooping EVERY DAY! That might seem crazy if you're not currently, but it especially eliminates the bloat. If you are not going regularly, you NEED to take a magnesium supplement! The Miracle Worker is our ultra-absorbable magnesium that can help you go everyday AND this product tastes delicious. Try it out at GutPersonal today.

You just got off of antibiotics

Antibiotics, probiotics, prebiotics: so much to understand, but let’s make it easy! As we have all heard before, antibiotics can be so damaging to your gut! These directly impact the balance of good gut bacteria in your gut, and therefore, make bloating and discomfort become more frequent. Want to know how to get back to normal? A TARGETED and PERSONALIZED probiotic!

A personalized probiotic can encourage the diversity of good gut bacteria and rebalance the overall microbiome after the effects of antibiotics! GutPersonal offers three types of probiotics, so there is something for everyone.

The Booster is amazing for those suffering from the effects of antibiotics, but you can take the quiz at GutPersonal to get a better idea of what probiotic you need and how to minimize that bloat!

Next time you are feeling bloated and uncomfortable, remember these 3 COMMON reasons as to WHY you are bloated and how to fix it to feel better!

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