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"The MIRACLE worker is bomb. All I can say is, I’ve had such an amazing sleep since I’ve taken them! Thank you for everything you do!" - Anne.

The Miracle Worker: Magnesium Supplement


61 reviews

  • More restful, improved sleep;
  • Gets you regular so you poop every day;
  • Decreases stress and anxiety during the day;
  • Supports muscle and period cramps

The name says it all! Our magnesium supplement, The Miracle Worker, is our best seller! This product gets you regular so you have great poops. It also seriously improves the gut-brain connection so you sleep better, stress less and have healthier mental wellness.

No CHEAP Magnesium Oxide here! Only the best, most effective forms of magnesium powder in The Miracle Worker.

You'll love it if... you're not going to the bathroom every day, you don't sleep 100% well each night (either light sleeper, waking often or not energized when you wake up), you get muscle cramping, you're stressed or anxious, 


The Science

Every person our dietitians have tested was deficient in magnesium. There are two main reasons for magnesium deficiency: When the body is stressed (mentally and physically), it requires more magnesium. Food contains less magnesium because of poor soil quality. In addition to the gut health, mental health & energy uses, The Miracle Worker helps maintain healthy blood pressure and blood sugar levels. 

Suggested Use

Start with 2-3 capsules (or 1 scoop of powder) in the evening, and can gradually increase up to 4-5 capsules (or 2 scoops) per day if needed.

For daytime stress, anxiety & energy support, add 2 capsules (or 1 scoop of powder) in the morning. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews
Hannah C
Delicious and effective

Love the miracle worker magnesium. Helps me go to the bathroom daily and sleep well. The powder tastes great and is a nice treat before bed. I am placing another order today! An added bonus is their customer service team is excellent! I will be supporting this company and recommending to all my friends and family.

Cynthia S
Best Magnesium brand!!

I have used many different magnesium brands over the years and by far the Gut personal powder is the best. really helps with my sleep and managing anxiety.

Paula Howard
The Miracle Worker

I actually started taking this for help with sleeping. I have had dreams at night when I’m sleeping and will scream. My daughter recommended it for help with a deeper sleep. It’s helped a lot! I’ve had a couple of breakthrough dreams but nothing like I was having before, hence why I had cancelled a couple times but am afraid I would go back to the dreams. I used to take a probiotic gummy but had stopped those.

Stephanie Edgett
Truly a Miracle Product

I’ve struggled with anxiety and my gut for YEARS! I’ve been taking the Miracle Worker for about 7 months now and am OBSESSED! I sleep great, have a regular bowel movement each day, and wake up with no bloat or uncomfortable gut pains! ITS TRULY CHANGED MY LIFE!

Amanda White
Love the products

Gut personal products are absolutely incredible they have changed my life. I love the company and everyone is so so helpful. The only challenge I have is the support can be very challenging to get a hold of. They are very nice and helpful when you can get in touch with them but sometimes it takes days or even weeks to get a response or sometimes no response at all. This has happened numerous times and I've had to message them on IG to get a response but then been redirected to email again. It can take a very long time to get something sorted out or an answer to a question. It seems like maybe the emails aren't checked frequently or followed up on. I've been having some shipping issues and there used to be different carrier options but now there is only one that's charging me $80.00 minimum in duty when I was paying $20.00 before. It's a lot on top of my $300.00 in supplements every month and there still has been no answer or follow up on my inquiry and it's a little disheartening because I love their products so much and refer so many people! I will continue to use and recommend their products because they are amazing but I hope the customer service support improves!

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