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"I can’t even tell you how much better I feel!" - Courtney M.

The Rescue


15 reviews

  • Non-drowsy, natural allergy relief;
  • Breaks down histamines instead of blocking them;
  • Helps you sneeze less and feel less tired;
  • Gives you more energy during allergy season
Sneezy, tired, dry eyes, runny nose, congestion? It’s GutPersonal to The Rescue! Powerful support for seasonal (or year round) allergy symptoms so you can feel better and breathe better.

No, you’re not crazy… even traditional “non-drowsy” support can still leave you feeling tired and brain fogged. The Rescue is different; instead of just managing the effects of histamines (the things causing those symptoms), our unique formula helps to dampen the release of histamines in the first place!

You’ll LOVE it if… you have frustrating respiratory symptoms when the seasons change (or year round!). Symptoms like: dry eyes, feeling exhausted, runny nose, sneezing, congestion.

The Rescue Jr.

Our kid-friendly support for seasonal (or year round) allergy symptoms in a delicious-tasting (lemon lime) chewable!It’s the NATURAL support you’ve been asking for!


The Science

A targeted blend of flavonoids, antioxidants, enzymes and botanicals designed to provide support for symptoms caused by common environmental allergens. The Rescue includes quercetin, a powerful flavonoid, to support healthy histamine levels. Bromelain enhances the absorption of quercetin and supports mucosal tissue health. Stinging nettles leaf balance hyper-immune response and N-acetyl cysteine clear the airways by promoting normal flow of mucus. This powerful combination actively promotes healthy nasal and sinus passages for individuals with elevated histamine and respiratory irritation.

Suggested Use

The Rescue:

Loading Dose: 2 capsules, 3 times per day, for 10 days. Then continue 2 capsules per day for as long as needed (can take up to 3 times per day, depending on symptoms). It’s easiest to incorporate it into your morning or evening routine, whenever best fits into your schedule!

The Rescue Jr.:

Take one chewable once to twice per day. If your child has bad allergies, they can take more. See highest dose per day below.

  • 12-18 months old: 1 chewable
  • 15-35 lbs: 2-3 chewables
  • 35-60 lbs: 4 chewables
  • 60-75 lbs: 6 chewables
  • 75-100+ lbs: 8 chewables

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Great natural alternative!

This has been a great product to add to my supplement lineup. I've had year-round allergies my entire life and have been taking prescription meds for years. Adding The Rescue has significantly improved my symptoms and has allowed me to discontinue use of my other medication, which is amazing! I double up on the dose during allergy season and I notice improvement within a few hours of taking. Highly recommend!

Theresa Craig
The Rescue

Love this product as I’ve been able to eliminate most over the counter allergy med now! Amazing relief,as it’s been a very bad allergy season!

Tiffany Croteau
say goodbye to allergy symptoms

All my friends are complaining about their allergies while I have absolutely no symptoms. I received a sample at a local event and they worked so I placed an order. While I waited for my order allergy symptoms were awful. I was so happy to have my shipment arrive quickly. Highly recommend!!!

Jillian Joseph
Love it

This product has been a life saver. I would Highly recommend it to anyone that is suffering from season or year around allergies.

Michelle Weaver
Allergies no more!!

I love this time of year but usually stuck inside due to allergies! Not anymore after finding The Rescue!!