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"I seriously love this product and so happy to share it!!" - Corrine A.

Gut Testing Package


7 reviews


Our Gut Testing Package is one-of-a-kind! Curious about what’s going on in your gut?! Get the answers you’ve been looking for to feel your best.

    Do you struggle with:

    Digestive Issues?

    • Bloating
    • Gas
    • Reflux
    • Constipation/Diarrhea

    Feeling Run Down?

    • Insomnia/Sleep Issues
    • Fatigue
    • Brain Fog
    • Frequent sickness

    Confusing Symptoms?

    • Allergies
    • Weight Loss Issues
    • Anxiety/ Depression
    • Menstrual issues
    • Rashes
    These are all red flags that something is "off" in your body...likely your gut!

    With gut testing, you'll get an inside look at what exactly is causing your symptoms!

    We can see your levels of:

    • bad bacteria
    • beneficial bacteria
    • parasites
    • fungal infections
    • digestion
    • and more!

    Our Gut Testing Package is one-of-a-kind!

    Curious about what’s going on in your gut?! Get the answers you’ve been looking for to feel your best.

    Our gut testing package includes:

    1- Comprehensive Stool Test

    Comprehensive Stool Test (kit will be shipped directly to you). No driving to a lab- You can complete it in the comfort of your own home!

    1-60 Minute Private Results Session

    60 Minute Private Results Session with our dietitian to review exactly what your results mean. Knowledge is power!

    3-Month Personalized Protocol

    Personalized supplement protocol and nutrition recommendations, based on your test results so you can start taking action with this new information and start experiencing relief!

    Here's how it works:

    • Once purchased, your kit will be shipped to you!
    • Keep your eye on your email inbox because you will be invited to create an account on Practice Better and a few forms to complete (please complete ASAP!).
    • Once the sample is received by the lab, we will reach out to you to schedule your LIVE private testing review session (3-4 weeks after the sample is received)
    • You'll get a custom 3-month gut healing plan including supplements (GutPersonal products as well as other high quality brands we love and personally use!)

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    HIGHLY recommend!

    As a holistic nutritionist who’s always looking to optimize my health, I couldn’t recommend this gut testing package more. I started noticing rashes on my back after the shower & changes in my poop so I knew something was up. The gut package was SO comprehensive & explained in full Details & told me things I would never know from any other test. The supplements & herbs that were recommended to me healed the root cause of the issue & I’ve never dealt with the rashes since. I always recommend this gut testing package to my clients & friends. If you’ve been dealing with ANY type of gut issues, test, don’t guess! It’s worth every penny.

    Morgan Cone
    Gut Testing!

    I can't even express to you how grateful I am for this program and Jillian!

    For about 8 years I have been in and out of doctors offices & gotten an insane amount of blood tests that came back "normal." People would look at me like I was crazy because I would always complain about feeling bloated, constipated, inflamed, gassy, loosing my period, etc. and I was told basically to just live with it.

    After doing the gut testing, finally getting answers and meeting with Jillian who made me a personalized plan that is going to help me rebalance my gut I am on my way to finally feeling GOOD AGAIN! I am a huge advocate in not giving up on yourself until you get answers because YOU know your body the best-- and it doesn't get any more in depth than this. I just had a gut (lol) feeling that I had an overgrowth of bad bacteria, which I was right about... but it also came back that my body DOES NOT do well with gluten and it is not digesting/absorbing fats which I never would have known if I didn't get this test!

    Moral of the story this will hands down be the best decision of your life hahaha. I would do this time and time again!!!

    Helped identify and solve problems that no one else could!

    Before I signed up for Gut Personal I was feeling bloated, gassy, had lots of issues with my skin, and struggled with sleep.

    After doing my stool testing and having my personal one on one call with the incredible Jillian, we were able to identify that I had higher levels of bad bacteria, low levels of specific good bacteria and were able to identify that my liver was releasing toxins that lead to my skin issues and extreme itching.

    I had been to several doctors in the past, and none of them were able to give me such specific and personalized answers to my situation and we created a plan of amazing Gut Personal Supplements that each resolved all of my issues!

    The miracle worker for my sleep, The Soother for my bloating and The Booster and Healer to help strengthen my gut health!

    I am still blown away by the professionalism, thoroughness, personalization and compassion that the Gut Personal Family brought to understanding and helping me solve my problems!

    10/10 would recommend! Thanks Gut Personal!

    hanna carroll
    Saved. My. Life.

    I can’t even tell you how much this investment in myself has paid off. Guessing what was wrong w me was just not working and I wasted too many years of life feeling bad. I was bloated, gassy, had diarrhea, cramps, you name it. The added picture was the night of a friends wedding (how much does it suck to feel like poo on important and beautiful nights). You deserve to feel better! This investment truly saved my life and I know it will for you too

    Allison Clark
    Best purchase decision

    Gut testing took all the guesswork out of the equation. I had spent years eliminating xyz foods or trying to self-diagnose what could be causing me the discomfort, but I never really knew the truth.

    After testing, I understood what was actually going on in my gut. I started working with team at Gut Personal on how to address each of the imbalances and I started to see massive improvements. I stopped getting bloated daily and feel so much better!

    I now make it a point to test yearly just to see if anything has changed and it’s awesome to see how much I have improved!