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"I added these into my daily routine and am already feeling TEN TIMES BETTER!" - Courtney M.

The Ultimate Gut Makeover Bundle

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The Ultimate Gut Makeover Bundle: 

Introducing The Gut Makeover Bundle - our superstar squad of gut health supplements that'll make you feel like a million bucks! Say hello to The Miracle Worker, The Soother, The Healer, and The Booster - the ultimate dream team that'll give your gut the TLC it deserves.

The Science

The Miracle Worker:

Every person our dietitians have tested was deficient in magnesium. There are two main reasons for magnesium deficiency: When the body is stressed (mentally and physically), it requires more magnesium. Food contains less magnesium because of poor soil quality. In addition to the gut health, mental health & energy uses, The Miracle Worker helps maintain healthy blood pressure and blood sugar levels. 

The Soother:

The Soother is designed to promote the health and barrier function of the gastrointestinal (GI) lining. Its unique formula includes nutrients that support the gut mucosal epithelium. The purpose of the epithelium is to allow the digestion and absorption of your food while keeping unwanted toxins, microbes and food particles from passing directly into the body. The Soother includes a high-dose of L-glutamine (4 g), which serves as nutrition for the gut lining. It provides 400 mg of deglycyrrhized licorice root extract (DGL) and 75 mg of aloe vera extract, both of which protect and promote the health of the gut mucosa. N-acetyl glucosamine and zinc boost GI integrity. The Soother is available in delicious chocolate and vanilla flavors.

The Healer:
Autoimmunity is seriously on the rise and research shows a connection between autoimmune diseases and leaky gut. The gut barrier plays a key role in immune health so with the binding capabilities of immunoglobulins in this product, we can have a positive effect on healing leaky gut.

Immunoglobulins in this product bind to bad guys in the gut (like bad microbes and toxins) in the gut and get rid of them as to not overly activate the immune system. As these unwanted triggers are removed, it resets healthy immune tolerance, especially to food sensitivities.

The Booster:
Saccharomyces boulardii is a stomach acid-resistant probiotic, proven to survive high temperatures and actually get into the intestines. As a probiotic, The Booster actively promotes a good balance of good and bad bacteria in the gut, strengthens the gut lining, and enhances immune function

Suggested Use

The Miracle Worker
Start with 2-3 capsules (or 1 scoop of powder) in the evening, and can gradually increase up to 4-5 capsules (or 2 scoops) per day if needed.

For daytime stress, anxiety & energy support, add 2 capsules (or 1 scoop of powder) in the morning. 

The Soother

Start with ½ scoop and increase to a full scoop after a few days. It's easiest to incorporate it into your morning or evening routine, whenever best fits into your schedule!

The Healer:

Start with 1-2 capsules (or a half scoop) and increase over a few days or weeks depending on your sensitivity levels. Continue taking 4 capsules (or 1 scoop of the powder) as part of your daily routine for 3-6 months. 

You can take The Healer whenever best fits into your schedule. We LOVE mixing it with The Soother or The Miracle worker. It is flavorless but does not mix incredibly well due to it being an extremely natural product.

If you have a current autoimmune condition, you can double the dose per day. Take up to 8 capsules per day (or 2 scoops), increasing gradually over 1-4 weeks.

The Booster:
Start with 1 capsule as part of your evening routine and after 1-2 weeks, add another 1 capsule in the morning* 

*If you notice an increase in symptoms, continue just 1 capsule, once per day. This can be a good sign that the probiotic is rebalancing the gut!

Tired of feeling bloated, gassy, inflamed, and fatigued? Or experiencing stomach aches, heartburn, and bathroom issues?

This bundle is your new BFF

We know gut health can be overwhelming, but with the Ultimate Gut Makeover Bundle, we've made it easy-peasy for you to give your gut the love and care it deserves. So, what are you waiting for? Say goodbye to feeling like crap and hello to a happier, healthier gut!

The Miracle Worker

  • More restful, improved sleep
  • Gets you regular so you poop every day
  • Decreases stress and anxiety during the day
  • Supports muscle and period cramps

The Soother

  • L-glutamine powder and aloe to soothe your gut;
  • Boosts the healing of leaky gut;
  • Great for uncomfortable heartburn and acid reflux;
  • Perfect supplement to pack while traveling!

The Booster

  • Boosts good bacteria and reduces bad bacteria;
  • Supports the immune system so it can fight off bad gut bugs;
  • It helps to restore the gut during or after antibiotics

The Healer

  • Improves symptoms of autoimmune condition;
  • Supports those with leaky gut;
  • Targets frustrating skin issues and food sensitivities

Download "The Gut Makeover"

Your Ultimate 5-Step Guide to Transform Your Digestive Health!

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Erika White
Gut personal is the bomb!

I was introduced to gut personal through the gut fix when I went through a 6+ month gut healing protocol. It’s safe to say over 1.5 years later and I’m still buying their supplements! The booster and go-to are my staple probiotics. In addition I take the miracle worker, daily greens, soother and healer to maintain my gut and other mineral deficiencies. I’ve also got the defender (cold prevention) and sunshine+ for daily Vitamin D+K.

Being someone who works in the fitness and health coaching space I’ve learned a ton about supplements. Gut personal provides clean and EFFECTIVE ingredients in all their products. Could not recommend this brand more!!

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