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"My bloating is nearly gone and I feel like I can eat more “bad foods” on occasion without struggling for days after." - Anonymous 

The Booster: Targeted Probiotic


5 reviews
1-2 mo supply


The Booster is a targeted probiotic with a single strain and very potent formula that eliminates many gut issues and symptoms! It promotes healthy gut bacteria and immune system function, both the cornerstones of a healthy, symptom-free gut.

This probiotic features yeast that balances gut bacteria and strengthens the immune system when your gut is healing from gut imbalances or antibiotics.


The Science

Saccharomyces boulardii is a stomach acid-resistant probiotic, proven to survive high temperatures and actually get into the intestines. As a probiotic, The Booster actively promotes a good balance of good and bad bacteria in the gut, strengthens the gut lining, and enhances immune function.

Suggested Use

Start with 1 capsule as part of your evening routine and after 1-2 weeks, add another 1 capsule in the morning* 

*If you notice an increase in symptoms, continue just 1 capsule, once per day. This can be a good sign that the probiotic is rebalancing the gut!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
My favorite

I've tried a lot of probiotics, but I didn't realize they have to be CUSTOMIZED. I'm so glad I started taking The Booster, because it helps MY GUT so much. I feel better, I know it's working, and I trust the products.

Meredith C.
so good!

The Booster is one of the first GP products I used & it is fantastic! You can't go wrong with this product!

Alyson P
Super supportive for gut healing!

When I was at the start of my gut healing journey, I started with the Booster for extra targeted support with healing gut imbalances. As someone who has struggled to take probiotics in the past because they would often make me feel worse, I loved that I never felt worse always better. If you are just getting started on healing gut imbalances - this is a great product to start with! Also noticed reduced bloating with this one!

Lena Siotis
Bloating? What bloating?!

I have tried SO MANY probiotics but none have worked as well as the booster. I have suffered with bloating and other gut symptoms for SO long and I swear within a week of consistently using this product my bloat was gone! I'm going on 3 months of consistently using this product and couldn't be happier. Thank you Gut Personal! :D

Michelle Weaver
Bloating is Gone!!

I have tried so many Probiotics and within 2 days the Bloating and uncomfortable feeling after eating was gone!!

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