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3 Natural Cures for Constipation

Are you someone who struggles with frustrating constipation? Or maybe you're only going to the bathroom a few times a week — that's not normal!

Constipation can be extremely uncomfortable and lead to other symptoms such as bloating, nausea, excess gas, etc. Although constipation is common, especially during the holidays, that doesn’t mean you have to just deal with it! Here at GutPersonal we have worked on ways to NATURALLY cure constipation so that you can live symptom free.

Here are some of our favorite ways to fight constipation naturally:

#1: Magnesium Pills or Powder

Magnesium is extremely important in regulating so many processes within the body, but especially bowel movements, sleep, and anxiety. Magnesium helps increase the amount of water in the intestines to aid in motility and regularity.

Every person that our dietitians have tested has been deficient in magnesium — so more than likely, you are too! Adding in magnesium regularly and consistently can help aid in pooping more frequently and getting rid of the symptoms that are associated with constipation. The Miracle Worker magnesium pills (capsules) or powder by GutPersonal can be your new bestie for pooping regularly! 

#2: Ginger and artichoke

Ginger and artichoke promote contractions in the migrating motor complex, which helps to restore proper movement, and ensure the steady flow of food particles and bacteria move through the small intestine. Basically that means that these two extracts increase motility in the intestines NATURALLY.

In addition, they provide support for improved digestion and relief from gas, bloating, and associated GI discomfort. The Mover, GutPersonal's natural constipation relief supplement, only contains ginger and artichoke! This is our tried and true product to relieve constipation.

#3: Exercise

This may sound like a little bit of a wild card, but exercise is a GREAT way to help relieve constipation naturally. It also aids in motility so that the stool can move through the intestines faster, as well as ensures the stool is not as dry so that it is easier to pass.

Tip: Choose an exercise that you enjoy! This can be walking, running, yoga, weight lifting, boxing, dancing, or anything else that you look forward to!

Next time you are feeling constipated, keep these tips in mind to help cure it naturally! Magnesium, ginger, artichoke, and exercise are sure to help keep you regular and feeling your best.

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