The Best Greens Powder for Gut Health Is THIS ONE!

The Best Greens Powder for Gut Health Is THIS ONE!

Greens powders are one of the most trending supplements on the market today. But what do they do, and which one is actually good for your body?

Introducing Gut Greens by GutPersonal – one scoop a day acts as a multivitamin for your gut, without the annoying effects some other green juice supplements cause. What makes our Gut Greens different from other greens powders?

Here’s everything you need to know about Gut Greens:

What is Gut Greens?

Like all things at GutPersonal, Gut Greens is naturally produced and proven to make you feel AMAZING! This greens (and reds) powder is a blend of 16 powerful superfoods and antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables to help lower the risk of free radical damage. What does this mean? The antioxidants in this powder can reduce the likelihood of certain diseases and support great gut health! It also has no added sugar, so you get a (naturally) sweet treat without spiking your blood sugar!

What’s in this greens powder?

Gut Greens is a greens AND reds powder that is packed with diverse superfoods such as pumpkin, raspberries, pomegranate, kale, broccoli, spinach, orange, beet, and banana. It tastes good because our formula balances the flavors of vegetables with the sweetness of fruit, so it’s not earthy like the others. We also include gut-healthy ingredients like chlorella, which fights stress and cell damage in the gut, and spirulina, which fights viruses and boosts good bacteria.

View the full Gut Greens ingredient list here

Are there added probiotics in Gut Greens?

Also no! As a dietitian-founded gut health supplement company, we know the importance of matching each one of our customers with a customized supplement protocol. If we added a probiotic in, how would we know it’s right for YOUR body? That’s why we do not add in a probiotic, because the wrong probiotic for your gut’s needs could feed the bad bacteria we need to get rid of. We recommend you take the GutPersonal quiz to find out which probiotic is right for you!

Why is Gut Greens good for your gut?

Taking this multivitamin for your gut helps increase the good bacteria in your gut to help eliminate gut symptoms. plus with the wide array of nutrients, from 16 different superfoods, feeds all the good gut bugs! The more variety, the better!

Will Gut Greens make you bloated?

This is a super popular question that we’ve received on our Instagram. The answer is: No! Gut Greens does not have any added fiber like other greens powders out there, as we feel it’s not needed! The 100% organic fruits and veggies found in Gut Greens offer your body plenty of fiber in one scoop.

When should you take a greens powder?

One of the best features of GutPersonal products is that they are so simple to take! For Gut Greens, simply add one scoop of the greens powder in the morning OR in the evening, depending on what you mix it in.

If you enjoy a morning or lunch smoothie, add it in there. If you prefer some fresh juice in the morning, that’s also a great option. Our founder Bridgitte Carroll loves adding in half a scoop of Gut Greens to
The Miracle Worker every evening. Gut Greens is customizable to your routine!

Why choose Gut Greens over other greens?

If you struggle to eat enough fruits and vegetables, need to increase your energy, and/or want to fight free radicals, this powder is for you! Plus, ours won’t make you bloated. Not to mention, our greens powder also contains REDS which contains a whole variety of antioxidants that other greens powders don't contain.

What if my body doesn't react well to Gut Greens? 

If you try Gut Greens and don’t feel amazing, we offer a 100% money back guarantee. We TRULY want you to be happy with our products and feel SO much better. If you have a reaction to Gut Greens, we’d love to know about it so we can give you a refund and help you find the right products for your body. Your gut might be going through some healing right now, which might cause it to be super sensitive. 

Learn more about Gut Greens today!

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