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What Time of Day Should You Take Supplements?

Starting a new supplement regime can feel so overwhelming and confusing! We have been there. There are thousands of supplements out there that may not have naturally sourced ingredients, and they can be confusing to take… Well not at GutPersonal! We are here to make healing your gut as SIMPLE as possible.

Certain supplements are better absorbed in the morning or in the evening, which can lead to some confusion when starting a protocol. However, instructions on how to take each supplement are on every single bottle we sell, and on our website! This can also be your master guide to when to take your supplements to feel your best bloat-free self.

Supplements to take in the morning

Now, there are not many supplements on GutPersonal that you HAVE to take in the morning, but here are some recommendations. Although The Miracle Worker is perfect for sleeping, it can also help reduce day-to-day anxiety! If this is something you struggle with, try taking ½ a scoop in the morning to jumpstart your day.

Also, if you feel like you are taking too many supplements in the evening, there are some that can be switched to the morning. This is all about personal preference, but we recommend taking The Defender, The Sunshine+, and Gut Greens to start the morning feeling your best.

Supplements to take at night

The evening is a great time to take certain supplements since your gut is able to “reset” while you sleep! Since it is not processing any foods or liquids for around 8 hours, it is the perfect time to take supplements that thrive while the stomach is inactive.

The supplements that fit into the category are probiotics and prebiotics! Both of these supplements work the most effectively when they can get to the gut as fast as possible  Our probiotics/prebiotics include The Booster, The Go-To, and The Prebiotic.

Another important evening supplement is The Miracle Worker! Magnesium is amazing for restful sleep, so taking the recommended dose before bed can help you get an amazing night’s sleep!

Flexible supplements

The rest of the GutPersonal supplements can be taken either in the morning or in the evening, just depending on what works best for you! That is the beauty in our products: it is all about making things simple AND effective for YOU.

Happy healing!

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