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Tips for Traveling While Healing Your Gut

Summer days mean warmer weather, relaxation, and traveling! Here on the GutPersonal team we LOVE taking trips to explore new places, and we are sure you do, too!

However, taking vacation may be an area of stress for some people because they may be struggling with gut issues that only get worse as they travel such as bloating, migraines, constipation, and more.

Don’t worry, we’ve been there! One of our missions is to help people heal their gut so they can live SYMPTOM FREE and enjoy all of life’s beautiful adventures. So, let’s chat about travel tips to keep you and your gut happy!

Supplements while traveling

Of course, supplements are our best friends at home and on vacation! Our specialized supplements were created to heal your gut, and keep you feeling your best. Our quiz can be accessed here and gives you your individualized protocol to jumpstart your gut healing journey. But, from there, we have some tips to make traveling even smoother.

Our #1 recommendation to keep gut symptoms at bay while on vacation is The Soother! This L-Glutamine powder will help coat your gut lining and sooth any unwanted gut issues if you’ve had maybe one too many cocktails or eaten some yummy, indulgent food.

Another necessity for us is The Mover. Constipation is SO NORMAL on vacation, but with The Mover, you no longer need to worry about it! Just take 1-2 capsules in the evening if you are feeling the effects of vacation-constipation, and you will be feeling good as new.

Hydrating while on the go 

Hydrating is always SO important for your gut, but especially while on vacay! Whether you are at the beach, hiking some mountains, or enjoying a cruise, the sun and the hot temperatures increase your need for water.

Our tip is to bring a big water bottle with you and make sure it is filled up each morning so you can start your day by hydrating! Electrolytes can also be SO helpful, especially if you are spending a lot of time in the sun or moving your body. A little GutPersonal mocktail that we drink at home and on vacation is ½ a scoop of The Miracle Worker with a pinch of sea salt mixed into water! This helps start your day with electrolytes to combat dehydration before a day of fun.

Fueling your body

One of our favorite parts of vacation is the delicious FOOD! Traveling to new areas means you get to explore all of the fun new restaurants and try out something new or some classics. However, it is still so, so important to be eating your fruits and vegetables to help your body stay nourished! Incorporating them can be easy and still feel fun.

Try adding fruit to your breakfast for extra flavor and color, or adding a side of vegetables during dinner. If you are still feeling like you aren’t getting enough nutrients in, try adding in a scoop of Gut Greens to ensure your body is getting all the antioxidants it needs!

Happy traveling!

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