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The Gut Fix™ Program


9 reviews


  1. 8 bi-weekly 60-minute group coaching calls, led by Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Jillian Smith ($4000 VALUE)

  2. The Gut Fix self-paced, online course ($300 VALUE)

  3. Functional Stool Testing with private results review recording plus custom supplement regimen ($1500 VALUE)

  4. Membership to our private community for additional support to ask questions in-between lessons and connect with others ($1000 VALUE)

  5. Printed Workbook that guides you through practical tips on food choices, grocery lists, a balanced plate, best brands, food journaling, stress management, and more ($600 VALUE)

  6. BONUS: Our signature 21-Day Meal Guide and all seasonal updates ($400 VALUE)

Total Value: $7800... YOU PAY ONLY: $2,200

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Ashley Toia
I came to this program because I went to 4 different doctors and no one had answers!

I just finished my three month course with Jillian. I came to the course because I was suffering from awful bloating and gas almost every day and I went to four different doctors and no one really had any answers for me and offer anything really helped. So I started this program and made a lot of changes and learned a lot from the online learning modules. I really really enjoyed those and now I am feeling so much better. My mood is improved, not just my physical body symptoms. I just feel like I'm in a much better place in my life now. Very very thankful to Jillian and I hope that other people join the course as well

karyn toffolo
If you you are struggling with gut health problems take The Gut Fix it's a no brainer.

If you you are struggling with gut health problems take The Gut Fix it's a no brainer. Working with Jillian allowed me to understand what was going on inside of my gut. I found out that I was gluten-free and a lot of the symptoms I expressed went away after three months of removing gluten entirely from my system. The supplement she gave me was amazing and easy to follow and ordering. The supplements was quick easy and exactly what I needed as a busy working lady. I am so freaking thrilled that I did the gut fix because not only did I lose weight as a byproduct but I feel so good internally and I'm just so happy I have answers as to why I felt this way! No brainer if you're feeling like this is calling you!

Even my therapist enforced the gut and brain connection to me.

I never knew how important gut health was, until I started to feel a daily sharp pain in my abdomen. I went to so many doctors and specialists for 6 months, had CT scans, ultra sounds, and 3 rounds of bloodwork to figure it out and no one knew what was causing my symptoms. Then one of my college friends was sharing Jillian’s Instagram talking about gut health, and I took it as a sign to look into it. My pain was getting to the point I was falling into depression, my anxiety was through the roof over it.

Then I invested into my health and feeling better. I started with the stool test to find out what is going on and found so many answers. I cried on the call with the results because I was finally seeing some hope I could feel better. I truly forgot how it felt to feel normal. After about 2 months of taking my targeted supplements and probiotics the pain was no longer daily but occasional, then it only was when I would get hungry to now almost non existent. I learned so much more than just fixing my problem, I learned a lot about my body and my diet. I swore I was getting annoying in the first few months of how many times I told Jillian I was grateful for her but truly, I am. I really think I was meant to connect with her on social media and I’m so grateful that she is doing what she is doing. I talk to my friends about her all the time who experience symptoms, and my boyfriend as well. I finally started to feel like myself again, physically and especially mentally! Oh, and I used to have crazy bad insomnia since I was a kid…. In the past 6 months I don’t have issues falling asleep anymore. Magnesium is a gem for a lot of reasons. I’m so much more aware of what I consume daily and how it will help or hurt me. Knowledge is power, and health is wealth. My therapist was thrilled when I told her I was seeing Jillian and she learned about her practices. Even my therapist enforced the gut and brain connection to me. I could cry again with how happy I am to feel better and feel like myself.

I'm no longer bloated after eating everything…and I've been able to enjoy life.

I was bloated, in pain, highly critical about everything I ate, and hyper aware of where every bathroom was. I couldn't live life "normally". Bridgitte did the testing to get to the root of my problems, whereas other practitioners did one test and concluded that I was fine. I'm no longer bloated after eating everything…and I've been able to enjoy life.

Kathy C.
I can strongly recommend this program to friends and family

Through Bridgitte's program, I have experienced such positive results, so I can strongly recommend this program to friends and family. I tell them they can’t afford not to contact Bridgitte and begin their healing, regaining their whole body health and wellness...and, as in my case, their life back