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Calling all ladies who are SO OVER their gut issues... 

Introducing The Gut Fix Program

Want to get rid of gut issues and finally get the answers you've been searching for???

No more feeling defeated, overwhelmed, confused, and frustrated...IT'S TIME FOR A SOLUTION THAT WORKS!

 Learn the root cause of your symptoms, so you can get permanent relief from your gut issues!

Does this sound like you?

  • Wasting time/money trying to get rid of gut symptoms yourself. 
  • Feeling defeated AF because nothing is working.
  • Unable to enjoy meals out because you don't know how food will make you feel. 
  • Feeling uncomfortable and bloated ALL. THE. TIME. 
  • Going to the doctor's but not getting any answers about your gut symptoms. 

It doesn't have to be this way!

Imagine if...

... you could get to the root cause of why you are having gut symptoms. 

... you were able to enjoy foods you always thought were off-limits. 

... you knew how to get rid of your gut symptoms so that you don't feel bloated and uncomfortable again. 

... you knew what was going on in your gut so that you could create solutions personalized TO YOU


... you could have the freedom to be social and travel again without worry.

... you were able to have confidence with meal prep and food shopping. 

... you could finally stop wasting so much time guessing what foods are making you uncomfortable.

... you could reduce the stress surrounding your gut symptoms and feel more emotionally energized. 

... you had mentorship and guidance from a supportive, caring coach - so you never had to feel stressed about your gut again.

What our clients are saying...

I never knew my gut could feel this great! It no longer holds me back and I believe in myself now. I know which foods make me feel good, which ones make me sluggish. I recognize the impact of my mind on my food choices... all of this makes a difference in my daily life.
Mary G. 
My energy levels are so much higher, my bloating is gone! I feel so much more empowered in knowing how to best take care of myself and just feel way better overall.
Shay C.
I started with The Gut Fix to help resolve my GI symptoms. In a short amount of time, she was able to help pinpoint my issue. With some nutrition changes & supplement additions, basically all of my symptoms have subsided. I honestly feel better than I have in the longest time.
Michelle B.

Feel confident, light, energized, and like
the badass babe that you are!

Want to make this your reality?  

We need to fix your gut first, girlfriend! 


✨ The GUT FIX ✨

What Will I Learn About?

The Gut Fix program runs for 16 weeks, to give time to instill results that LAST! We cover everything you need to know to heal your gut. Each module will include 4 + mini-lessons on the topic. You'll watch these during the week and during our live coaching call, we will personalize the information to YOU! 

Module 1: Nutrition for Great Gut Health

In The Gut Fix, you will not be going through a strict elimination diet. You learn what to eat, what not to eat, and how to eat + you get a LIVE food journal audit! 

Module 2: Gut Health Testing: Why you need it & what to do with the information?

You'll get a comprehensive stool test with results of imbalances that are going on in your gut. Jillian uses these results to create a personalized plan for you.

Module 3: Supplements: Which are best for you?

You'll get your own supplement regimen from Jillian based on your test results. We'll also talk about creating your natural medicine cabinet to not only feel great now but for the future too.

Module 4: Manifesting Great Gut Health

We'll work on your mindset towards healing and your gut. We'll process and let go of limiting beliefs that are holding you back from truly feeling well.

Bonus Module

Addressing Lifestyle Factors for Good Gut Health

This is the last piece to the puzzle - your overall lifestyle. We will go over stress, sleep and exercise and how to best create your routine that will get rid of your gut symptoms for good.

What's Included:

  • Weekly 60-min group sessions via Zoom with Lead Registered Dietitian, Jillian ($4000 VALUE)
  • The Gut Fix online course ($300 VALUE)
  • Functional Stool Testing with private results review recording ($1300 VALUE)
  • 3 month customized supplement regimen ($200 VALUE)
  • Membership to our private online community for unlimited support, questions, and connection ($1000 VALUE)
  • Downloadable workbook that guides you through practical tips on food choices, grocery lists, a balanced plate, best brands, food journaling, stress management, and more ($600 VALUE)
  • BONUS: Signature meal guides for gut healthy meal inspo and ideas ($400 VALUE)

(TOTAL Program VALUE: $7800)

ShopPay installments are available if you are eligible. See checkout for more information for 4 or 12 month payment plans!

Eliminate Your Gut Symptoms in 4 Steps

Functional Nutrition for a Healthy Gut

Learn the eating plan that's best for YOU! This isn't a one-size-fits-all approach, it's individualized based on your gut, likes/dislikes, and nutrition science. 

Customized Supplements Based on Gut Testing

Taking the wrong supplements can be worse than no supplements at all. You will get an individualized supplement protocol based on your own test results.

Get In A Gut Healing Mindset

Have you had gut issues forever and can't imagine life without? Do you believe you deserve to feel really amazing!? You have everything inside to heal, you just need the tools to unlock it- we show you how! 

Lifestyle for a Healthy Gut

Our health is made up of daily habits. Learn how to create and practice a routine that supports your gut, boosts your energy, and allows you to live your best life! 

Still on the fence? Want to hear more?

We want you to feel SOOO good about this decision so you can schedule a call with our Lead Dietitian to learn more about how The Gut Fix can help you! 

✅ You ARE a good fit for this program if…

• You are ready to feel truly well.

• You are struggling to figure out the root cause of your symptoms. 

• You are ready to put in the work needed to heal and change your body. 

• You are ready to change your mindset about your health, body, and gut. 

• You want support from a gut health expert and a group of individuals who understand what you are going through. 

❌ You’re NOT a good fit if…

• You are looking for a one-size-fits-all program. 

• You want to be handed daily meal plans. 

• You don't want to truly heal your gut and get rid of your symptoms. 

• You want a cheap fix and aren't willing to invest in your health. 

• You're not ready to change your lifestyle and eating habits. 

Our transformational promise to you...

If you join The Gut Fix program, you’ll discover the root cause of your gut symptoms... so you can find relief! 

Meet The Creator

Hey ladies, I'm Bridgitte! ✨

 As a gut health expert and a Registered Dietitian, I have a passion for empowering women to get rid of their gut issues so they can lead a worry-free life. 

I had a lot of issues that you're struggling with: bloating, constipation, stomach aches. It wasn't until I healed my gut with a functional medicine approach that I felt truly better. 

Unlike other dietitians or nutrition coaches, I have the knowledge and experience of how to truly heal your gut. I'm here to empower you to take control of your health. 

That's why I am so excited to bring you this program! It's the program that I wish I had when I was sick and tired of my gut health issues.

Let’s do this!

Meet Your Coach

Hey, I'm Jillian!👋

Hi there! My name is Jillian and I am so happy you are here. I am a gut health dietitian with a special focus in functional medicine, to uncover the root cause of your gut issues and get rid of your symptoms for good.

I understand your digestive struggles because I have been there. For years I bounced through doctor appointments, completing lab work and other tests, just to be told that everything looked "normal".

My mission is to instill within you that your gut symptoms are valid and they are 100% not normal. Through the RIGHT testing, proper nutrition, personalized lifestyle and supplement interventions, I help my clients heal their gut and experience life symptom-free. I am here every step of the way to guide you, support you, and be your biggest gut-healing cheerleader. You being here is a massive first step to taking the action and prioritizing your health, thank you for allowing me to be part of your journey!

-Jillian Smith, Functional Dietitian and Your Coach  

Want to make sure this program is the best fit for YOU?