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Join our high vibe community today!

Connect with like-minded women who share similar wellness goals, dedication to growth, and a vision for a badass life!

Calling all the ladies who want to feel amaaaazing!

You know how important gut health is and want to feel supported and to continue learning.

You know what you’re doing but want to make sure you’re on the right track. You want to make sure you are taking the RIGHT supplements.

You have done testing and want on-going support or are interested in testing.

We see you...

  • You've made BIG improvements in your health but you know you're not done yet
  • You'd love a place to check in when things start to feel "off" (and they will! and we're here for you!)
  • You are a forever student and you want to continue learning how to feel your best every day
  • You're a wellness junkie but sometimes need accountability on your goals

You NEED a supportive community of women like you!

The Membership is a place for connection and support, never feel like you are on this journey alone. Get unlimited access to Lead Dietitian, Jillian, and be alongside other women who support your goals and lift you up!

What's waiting for you inside...


  • Complimentary 1:1 Supplement Calls with Jillian
  • Live Q&A calls
  • Unlimited support via circle


  • Online community board
  • Celebrate wins, discuss obstacle, share recipes & more - we have so much to learn from one another!


  • Member-only discounts on personalized supplements (20% off subscriptions!)
  • $300 off testing (gut and hormone testing)
  • and more!


  • Monthly masterclasses, only available in The Membership
  • Monthly guest expert trainings
  • Free All-Access-Pass to on-demand courses

💻 All-access-pass to ALL current and future GutPersonal on-demand courses

Imagine unlimited access to a library of dietitian-created courses on gut health and wellness. I get it - you are willing to change your habits, you just want to know WHY you’re making those changes. The most valuable education you can have is how to support your health... for life!

🍎 Unlimited Support from our Lead Functional Medicine Dietitian, Jillian

No hoops to jump through to get support, it's like having a dietitian in your back pocket!

With complimentary 1:1 supplement calls, get personalized attention for what supplements you need. Take the guesswork out, no more confusion!

Maybe you aren't getting a holistic approach from your practitioner like you want. Maybe you want direct access to your practitioner without spending an hour in a waiting room (I mean, when you have questions, you need them answered now!). Maybe you don't want another "pill for every ill" and you want to fix the root cause through balanced nutrition, lifestyle and personalized supplements.

👩‍🏫 Membership-only trainings focusing on becoming a BETTER YOU

The Membership is where Functional Medicine meets Personal Development.

Learn, grow, get inspired, expand, and feel the motivation to make radical shifts in your health! We are bringing in the experts to pour into our Membership community (that's you!)

Deepen your understanding and gain practical tips for improving your whole-body wellness. Taking a holistic approach to your health means caring for every part of ourselves – body AND mind!

👯‍♀️ Be a part of a high vibe community

Here's your invitation - join us! Be a part of a supportive community to connect with like-minded women who share similar wellness goals, dedication to growth, and a vision for a badass life!


  • Advanced Nutrition Course - ($297 value) MEMBERSHIP EXCLUSIVE - Our most comprehensive nutrition course to date is only available to our membership community!
  • 21-Day Fall Meal Guide ($37 value)
  • 21-Day Summer Meal Guide ($37 value)
  • Access to member-only live events and webinars!

Member-only discounts on supplements and testing:

Maybe you have already done testing but want on-going support. Or maybe you're just starting your healing journey and know how powerful root cause medicine is! Gut, hormone, re-tests & more - get exclusive discounts on testing and supplements (because you are our gal & you deserve solutions!)

$300 gut and hormone tests
20% off supplement subscriptions
Free access to our library of courses and meals guides

What's Happening in The Membership

September 2023

  • September 11th 6:00 pm EST: Welcome Call
  • September 12th 6:00 pm EST: Healing Breathwork with Bea
  • September 20th 1:00 pm EST: Women's Health Masterclass
  • September 26th: Live Q&A Call with Lead Dietitian, Jillian

*sessions will be recorded

October 2023

  • October 9th 5:00pm EST: Eat Well, Stress Less: Meal Prep for Busy Lives! How to meal prep when you're too busy to meal prep
  • October 19th 2:00 pm EST: Live Q&A with Jillian
  • October 24th 6:00pm EST: Live Workout by Trainer, Katy Saltsman

*sessions will be recorded

Where you will expand in The Membership...

Gut Health. Personal Growth. Whole Body Health

Gut Health

This is for you if you prioritize your gut health and want to understand how to optimize your wellness for a vibrant and balanced life!

Personal Growth

Wellness is the continuous journey of self-improvement and learning that empowers us to evolve and flourish. The Membership community helps you embrace personal growth and acknowledge that you are destined for more!

Whole Body Health

We are one body. Everything is impacting everything else. And we know you know this, but we also know that it can be hard finding a practitioner who won't compartmentalize your health. In order to feel better in mind, body and spirit, we have to view the body as it is - as a whole! This is what you get inside The Membership.

Health is not a destination, it’s a journey, and this membership is your vehicle

Take control of your health and embark on a journey to feeling your best, inside & out.

Membership Benefits

As a member you get instant access to a like-minded community and dietitian developed on-demand courses PLUS take part in monthly live trainings, guest experts and access to our Lead Dietitian, Jillian!

Our Membership comes with no strings attached – you can stop, pause, or cancel at anytime!