Gut Testing Package

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Our Gut Testing Package is one-of-a-kind! Curious about what’s going on in your gut?! Get the answers you’ve been looking for to feel your best.

  • 1 Comprehensive gut test kit
  • Health history and symptom assessment
  • 60-min private review session via Zoom
  • Results interpretation recording for you to keep
  • 3 month customized supplement regimen

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    Erika White
    Educational and Results based products/ services

    I’ve worked with Jillian at gut personal twice now, the first time through the gut fix in their 6 month program and most recently with a gut testing package/check up. Both times she’s been so kind, provided so much knowledge and insight into what’s going on in my body. Though gut stuff can be complicated she makes it easy to understand and provides me with a protocol that (though takes time) produced great outcome and healing for me!! Could not recommend gif personal OR their products enough. Been using their products regularly for the last 2+ years🙏🏼

    Tiffani Smith

    I am so glad I did this! Now that I have my results I feel like I can start anew! I can’t wait to see what the next few months are like on this healing journey.

    Easy to use

    Test kit was easy to use and convenient

    HIGHLY recommend!

    As a holistic nutritionist who’s always looking to optimize my health, I couldn’t recommend this gut testing package more. I started noticing rashes on my back after the shower & changes in my poop so I knew something was up. The gut package was SO comprehensive & explained in full Details & told me things I would never know from any other test. The supplements & herbs that were recommended to me healed the root cause of the issue & I’ve never dealt with the rashes since. I always recommend this gut testing package to my clients & friends. If you’ve been dealing with ANY type of gut issues, test, don’t guess! It’s worth every penny.

    Hi Corinne!

    So happy to hear you had a great experience with The Gut Testing package. It really does show you SO much more than just regular tests and really gets to the root of the issues which you saw first hand.

    Thank you for leaving a review. These really mean the world to us!

    The GP Team

    Morgan Cone
    Gut Testing!

    I can't even express to you how grateful I am for this program and Jillian!

    For about 8 years I have been in and out of doctors offices & gotten an insane amount of blood tests that came back "normal." People would look at me like I was crazy because I would always complain about feeling bloated, constipated, inflamed, gassy, loosing my period, etc. and I was told basically to just live with it.

    After doing the gut testing, finally getting answers and meeting with Jillian who made me a personalized plan that is going to help me rebalance my gut I am on my way to finally feeling GOOD AGAIN! I am a huge advocate in not giving up on yourself until you get answers because YOU know your body the best-- and it doesn't get any more in depth than this. I just had a gut (lol) feeling that I had an overgrowth of bad bacteria, which I was right about... but it also came back that my body DOES NOT do well with gluten and it is not digesting/absorbing fats which I never would have known if I didn't get this test!

    Moral of the story this will hands down be the best decision of your life hahaha. I would do this time and time again!!!

    Hi Morgan!

    Thank you for leaving such a wonderful review for The Gut Testing package and working with Jillian. Being an advocate for yourself is SO important and we are so honored to be on your gut healing journey with you!

    The GP Team