The Go-To: Probiotic

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The Go-To Probiotic is our well-rounded, potent and effective daily probiotic. This high-quality, rigorously-tested probiotic has proven to survive the harsh environment of the GI tract without refrigeration needed.

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  • Restores healthy balance in the gut: increases good bacteria and crowds out the bad
  • Improves gut health, detoxification, and boosts immune function
  • Supports regular bowel movements
  • Optimizes digestion and increases nutrient absorption

POWDER FORM available (unflavored)! Perfect for kids or for those who cannot, or do not like to, swallow pills.

High Quality

No refrigeration needed!

Our probiotics have been proven to be stomach acid-resistant and effectively survives the harsh environment of the digestive tract, in order to get into the intestines. 

Customer Reviews

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I saw incredible results from these probiotics within just a few days, my digestion became far more regulated and my stomach felt more comfortable in general throughout the day. Have been using for over a month now and have recommended to friends and family! 10/10!

Danielle Dalton
Daily go to literally

Must for my daily regiment I deal with what feels like constant anxiety and stress due to a high conflict co-parenting situation on the regular and I swear to go to added with magnesium from gut personal helps me soo much I have Crohn’s disease too where stress is a huge trigger for flare ups and truly these supps help a ton in managing

Catherine Blickenstaff

I unsubscribed and would like no more shipments and or charges. Please help me make sure my orders are canceled.

Great for kids!

My daughter (6yo) starting experiencing gut issues after the increase in sugar intake from the holidays, so I started giving her this probiotic. I open the capsule and give her half with some water. She likes the taste and calls it her "marshmallow drink" since it tastes like marshmallows to her. She always looks forward to taking it. I'm glad GP has a probiotic option that is great for kids!

Michael Distad
This is a great Probiotic!

I use this every day. I love how it has helped me feel better!

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