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"Such a great mood booster. The drops are very budget friendly because they last for months!" - Taylor

The Sunshine+: High Dose Vitamin D with K


15 reviews


We know that your vitamin D supplement needs to include vitamin K! So we've formulated the perfect vitamin D supplement for you with The Sunshine+! Boost your mood, gut, heart health, hormones & immune system! It's a MUST HAVE supplement for overall well being, especially in the winter.

Why You'll Love It...

  • Boosts immune function to keep you healthy
  • Vitamin K to improve heart and bone health
  • Supports a healthy gut
  • Supports happier mood and reduces "winter blues"
  • Increases overall wellbeing
  • Available in liquid drops to easily change your dosage
The Science

Vitamin D and K have a harmonious relationship to improve bone and heart health. Not only does vitamin D and K share similar qualities, but they also work in synergistic healing within the body. We also recommend taking The Miracle Worker when taking vitamin D to improve levels. 

Suggested Use

1 capsule per day with a meal or 2 - 5 individual drops directly in the mouth or in a drink of choice, with a meal.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Small but packs a punch

I like that you’ve combined the high dose vitamin D with the mk7! It’s a perfect balance for bone health.

High Dose Vitamin D with K

Great drops makes it easy to get my vitamin D into my daily routine

For the whole fam!

Love the drops it lasts SO LONG and the entire fam uses it it’s so easy to add into a busy routine we all take it directly in our mouth in the morning love that it doesn’t have a bad taste like others I’ve tried

Mood booster!

I love the vitamin d drops! So easy to take and incorporate into my daily routine. Such a great mood booster. The drops are very budget friendly because they last for months!

Love the tincture option!

Having a high quality tincture option that lasts me MONTHS and is budget friendly? Yes please!

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