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Gut Greens™ + Reds


23 reviews

  • Perfect for you if you struggle to eat enough fruits and veggies;
  • Increases the good bacteria in your gut for better gut health and wellbeing;
  • 16 superfoods and antioxidant-rich to help reduce risk of certain diseases
The Science

The Gut Greens powder combines concentrated, organic fruits and berries with a vegetable antioxidant blend to help build antioxidant reserves and protect the body from free radical damage.

Suggested Use

Mix 1 scoop in water, juice, or a smoothie as part of your morning or evening routine, whenever best fits into your schedule!

16 superfoods in one!

With 16 superfoods and rich in antioxidants, Gut Greens™ + Reds is a delicious greens powder that boosts nutrition, increases energy, and optimizes antioxidant function!

Benefits of Reds (and Greens) Powder

We have all heard of greens powder– but what about reds? Believe it or not, reds powder actually provides a TON of benefits similar to greens powder! Here are some examples: 

  • Contains different antioxidants that aren’t present in greens powder
  • Comprised of fruits and veggies that may be difficult to consume every day
  • Acts against inflammation
  • Provides lots of energy

We can combine greens and reds to create an AMAZING greens and reds powder that:

  • Contains antioxidants to help combat damage from free radicals 
  • Decreases the risk of developing chronic illnesses 
  • Gives you a boost of energy
  • Promotes growth of “good” bacteria in the gut
  • Makes your skin glow like never before
  • WON’T cause bloating like other greens powder you’ve tried
  • Is delicious AND nutritious!!

More Reasons to Love Gut Greens™ + Reds

Convenient Solution: Bridging the Nutrient Gap

Greens and reds powder bridges the gap in our daily nutrient intake! Specifically, our Gut Greens™ + Reds provides a concentrated nutrient source in that it contains a blend of 16 different superfoods, all present in ONE single scoop!! 

Promoting Digestion and Immune Function? You Got It!

The abundance of fiber-rich fruits and veggies helps facilitate digestion, which will make your gut consistently feel its best!

Several ingredients in our powder also support immune function!  

Optimizing Antioxidant Function

Antioxidants are SO important because they protect our bodies against oxidative stress and also promote our overall health!  Specific antioxidant-rich ingredients that our powder contains include pomegranate, beet, raspberries, pumpkin, kale, broccoli, spinach, collards, and more!

How to Incorporate Gut Greens™ + Reds into Your Routine

You can add our powder to smoothies, juices, or even your morning coffee because of its sweet and delicious taste! However, if you are more of a night owl, adding a scoop to water and enjoying before bed is also a great option.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Bridey Joyce

Hard to find greens that arent gross. These taste good to drink by themself or add to smoothies. love the additional benefits from the "reds"

Beth Costello
Great Product!

Since consistently using Gut Greens and reds, I have noticed a big increase in my energy levels! Using this with The Prebiotic and The Booster Probiotic has made a huge difference in the way I feel every day :)

Not great for my acne prone skin

After I started taking gut greens my acne flared up aggressively. I felt hopeless because I didn’t know what I was doing wrong. Then a clearstem founder posted about how spirulina can trigger acne. I removed gut greens and my skin has gotten so much better since. GP products were the only change made in this time. It’s unfortunate because I really loved the ritual of taking this every morning!

Thank you so much for the review and we're sorry you weren't completely obsessed. When it comes to personalized health (especially with skin), everybody is so different! We've included spirulina in this formula because of its known anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which can help reduce inflammation and acne-causing bacteria. For many, this reduction in inflammation works wonders for clearing acne but we completely understand that everyone is unique. Love that you are experimenting with different things to see what works best for you!

barbara thomas
No bloat and good sleep

Recommended by my daughter and have been a regular user for 3 months love the morning greens… feel energized
Magnesium helps on many ways morning and night!

Julie Amy
LOVE this product

I put the greens in my morning protein smoothie and drink the Miracle Worker Magnesium Supplement in my first 16 oz of water for the day (I used to be a horrible water drinker). I am the mom of 6 (plus 2 more bonus kids) and have been a business owner for 18 years (code for workaholic). Im prioritizing my own body and my own health this year and adding GP products was a decision in that. I feel great in my body and I love this company!

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