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Why Do I Always Fall Off the Health Wagon?! Finding Your Path to Wellness

Why Do I Always Fall Off the Health Wagon?! Finding Your Path to Wellness

Have you ever found yourself enthusiastically starting a health and wellness journey only to fall off the wagon a few weeks or months later? This is more normal than you think! Health is not a destination, it’s a journey that ebbs and flows. And we’re here for you when things start to feel “off”!

Let’s explore some of the common reasons why many struggle to maintain healthy habits and discuss solutions to help you stay on track. Plus, we'll introduce you to GutPersonal's new monthly Membership program, a wellness community to help you achieve your health goals consistently from home!

The Health and Wellness Rollercoaster

Starting a health and wellness journey can be incredibly motivating and exciting! You set goals, make plans, and dive headfirst into healthy habits. You feel REALLY GOOD for a while but then life happens. You get busy, distracted, you’re thrown curveballs and begin to see old habits resurface. So, why does this happen?

  1. Unrealistic Expectations

One common reason is setting unrealistic expectations. You might start with grand plans to exercise for an hour every day, completely overhaul your diet, and meditate for 30 minutes each morning. While these goals are admirable, they can be overwhelming and challenging to sustain.

Solution: Start with small, achievable changes. Slow and steady wins the race, right?! Gradual progress is more likely to become a lasting habit. And give yourself grace through the ebbs. Life happens, learn to be flexible and smile through the hard times.

  1. Lack of Accountability

Without accountability, it's easy to let your healthy habits slip. When no one is watching, it's tempting to skip workouts or indulge in unhealthy foods.

Solution: Join a community of women who get it! A community that shares similar health goals, relates to the obstacles and is there to cheer you on. This provides the encouragement and motivation you need to stay consistent.

  1. Too Much Restriction

Strict diets and rigid exercise routines can lead to burnout. If you feel deprived, it's more likely that you'll give in to cravings or skip workouts.

Solution: Embrace a balanced approach to health. Allow yourself occasional treats and rest days. Sustainability is key.

  1. Lack of a Clear Plan

Starting a health journey without a well-defined plan can lead to confusion and frustration. Not knowing what to do or where to start can be discouraging.

Solution: Create a clear and manageable plan that outlines your goals, daily habits, and progress tracking. Consider getting support from a wellness practitioner/coach to help you devise a plan and be along the journey for support and accountability.

Introducing The Membership by GutPersonal

If you're tired of falling off the health wagon and are looking for a high-vibe community to help you stay on track, this Membership is for you!

You NEED a supportive community of women like you!

The Membership is a place for connection and support, never feel like you are on this journey alone. Get unlimited access to Lead Dietitian, Jillian, and be alongside other women who support your goals and lift you up!

What's waiting for you inside... 

  • Complimentary 1:1 Supplement Calls with Jillian
  • Live Q&A calls
  • Monthly exclusive training
  • Guest experts
  • Unlimited support via circle
  • All-access-pass to all courses and meal guides ($250 value)
  • Early access to our comprehensive nutrition course for gut health ($297 value)
  • Members-only discounts on testing ($300 OFF) and supplements!
  • First access to personalized supplements

Joining The Membership is an excellent way to get the support and encouragement you need to break the cycle of falling off the health wagon and start building lasting, sustainable wellness habits.

Join The Membership to access a supportive community that will help you stay on track and achieve your healthiest self.

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