How to Decrease Food Sensitivities with Digestive Enzymes

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I’m sure we all know by now that bloating is nothing new. It seems to be that pesky attachment that some of us can’t get rid of, right? We've cracked the code of the MAIN reason you are bloated after eating: You don’t have enough digestive enzymes in your GI tract!

If you're someone who ALWAYS bloats after eating things like veggies, beans, dairy, or gluten (which happens to be most of the population), that is because your body isn’t digesting these foods correctly, and therefore, isn’t absorbing all the nutrients they provide! Well, The Veggie Digester and The G&D Digester have now entered the chat.

We are releasing two BRAND new products that are going to be your BFB (bloat-free-bestie)! These two products are variations of our beloved product, The Digester.

This product helps increase the digestive enzymes in your body so that you don’t feel as heavy after eating! But the beauty of the two new products is that they are even more specialized!

Let’s talk about why you NEED these in your life.

The Gluten + Dairy Digester

Now let’s get into the nitty gritty of gluten and dairy intolerances: they SUCK! They can cause so much pain, discomfort, excess gas, nausea, and MORE. Food sensitivities are becoming more and more prevalent, and gluten and dairy seem to be the main culprits. Both have components that are hard for the body to digest and can result in immune system issues. (Non-celiac) gluten and dairy sensitivities really limit the foods that you can eat and enjoy, which is where The Gluten + Dairy Digester, digestive enzymes for gluten and dairy comes in!

This NEW product contains a blend of two enzymes that are proven to aid in gluten digestion, as well as a blend of enzymes that assist in the digestion of dairy products! You will be able to kiss those symptoms goodbye after trying The Gluten + Dairy Digester!

You shouldn’t have to avoid the foods you LOVE just because of the bloating and symptoms you get after. The Gluten + Dairy Digester are two new products that you can keep on hand so you can LOVE your food again! 

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