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Best digestive enzymes for gluten and dairy intolerance

3 Reasons You NEED Digestive Enzymes

Gut health tip of the day: you are not “what you eat”… you are what you absorb! But what exactly does that mean? If you are struggling with gut issues, you may not have the proper digestive enzymes to break down your food effectively.

Along with this, you may not have enough stomach acid to help break down your food properly and to absorb all those ESSENTIAL nutrients! All of this combined can lead to bloating, cramping, excess gas, poor energy, weak hair and nails, AND SO MUCH MORE!

So, how do we fix these digestive issues?? We need to INCREASE our digestive enzymes and stomach acid by supplementing with digestive enzymes! INTRODUCING: The Digester by GutPersonal!

This is our brand new digestive enzyme product that is going to be a GAME CHANGER this holiday season and beyond! Let’s dive into 3 reasons why you NEED digestive enzymes in your life.

Digestive enzymes for dairy

Bloating after eating

The most common gut issue we hear when working with clients is BLOATING! It can be so frustrating and uncomfortable for many people. Do you ever eat a meal and feel like you look 6 months pregnant afterwards? We’ve been there too! But that is where digestive enzymes will be a lifesaver! The Digester will help break down the foods more effectively so you don’t feel as heavy after eating; say goodbye to your bloat!

Brain fog and poor energy

Food is FUEL which is something we all need to remember every now and again. If you have gut issues, chances are you aren’t absorbing all the necessary nutrients that you need from your foods which could be leading to symptoms like brain fog, food sensitivities, fatigue, etc.

This is because you probably don’t have enough digestive enzymes naturally in your gut to support this breakdown and absorption. Adding in a digestive enzyme supplement (like The Digester) can help solve this issue! It will support the balance of stomach acid and enzymes in your stomach so it can break down foods more effectively and absorb all the good stuff you need!

Finding the root cause of your symptoms

If you are new around here, GutPersonal believes in finding THE ROOT CAUSE OF YOUR STOMACH ISSUES, not just putting a band-aid on it and calling it good. That is why we have personalized supplements that dive down to fix the root cause of your issues. Symptoms like bloating, cramping and gas, poor energy, weak skin, hair and nails, brain fog, and food sensitivities are all gut issues, but can be attributed to one root cause: low digestive enzymes and stomach acid. 

The Digester from GutPersonal helps extract more nutrients from the foods you eat and helps to reduce that bogged-down, heavy feeling after meals. It also contains specific enzymes that help to balance stomach acidity and protein breakdown in the stomach, as well as enzymes for nutrient absorption in the small intestine from the foods you eat.

If you have been trying to find what is causing your incessant bloating and discomfort, look no further! The Digester may be exactly what you need to kiss that bloat goodbye and start feeling AMAZING in the skin you’re in. Shop it today on our website and get it before the holidays to enjoy everything symptom-free!

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