3 Things that May Be Causing Bloating

3 Things that May Be Causing Bloating

If you are struggling with your gut health, then you are probably struggling with bloating! Today we are going to dive right into all things BLOAT. We will talk about what causes the bloat and how we have helped clients beat the bloat!

#BloatFreeSummer may be coming to an end, but you deserve to live bloat-free YEAR ROUND!

WHY you are bloating...

Bloating is SO common due to so many reasons, so just remember that you are not alone! The first reason you may be experiencing bloating is an overall out-of-balance gut. When the bad bacteria in your gut is outweighing the good bacteria, you are more likely to bloat since your food is not being digested as well as it should be. Another reason you are bloated could be your supplements. (We will dive deeper into this down below, don’t worry!)

3 things that may be causing bloating

1. Sugar alcohols

These are very common in “healthy foods,” and are most things that end in "ol" — sorbitol, xylitol, and mannitol. These can be great if sugar intake is an issue, however, they can cause stomach issues at the same time! This is because as the sugar alcohol enters the intestine, the bacteria in your gut ferments it and then it releases gas into the GI tract.

A lot of other supplements can have added sugar alcohols to increase sweetness. Gut Greens (greens and reds powder), The Miracle Worker (ultra absorbable magnesium), and The Gut Soother (L-Glutamine powder) are all powders made by GutPersonal which are free of sugar alcohols. They will help heal your gut and not cause any extra bloating!

2. Added fiber

Fiber is amazing for bulking up your stool to aid in healthy bowel movements, but it IS possible to have too much of a good thing! Too much fiber in your diet/supplements mixed with an unbalanced gut can actually lead to more bloating/pain.

Supplements that have added fiber can cause even more bloating! Most greens powders, probiotics, and prebiotics typically have added fiber in them, which may be why you are experiencing some GI distress when taking supplements that are supposed to help you.

The good news is…we stray away from added fiber! If you are looking to help with bloating, The Go-To (probiotic), The Prebiotic (prebiotic), The Booster (probiotic), and Gut Greens (greens and reds powder) are all great products to help with your gut healing journey that do not have added fiber = less bloating.

3. Eating too fast

And last, but not least, we MUST talk about how fast you are eating. Life is busy, we get it! Some days you may be running around, being a boss babe, getting everything done. But then it’s 2 o’clock, you haven’t eaten, and you are STARVING! This typically leads to eating way too much too quickly. This can make you bloat like crazy.

Try to take at least 20 minutes to eat your full meal, and take deep breaths before and after. This diaphragmatic breathing will help guide more oxygen to your digestive system which will make digestion easier!

Bloating is SO common, but it doesn’t have to be for you! Remember these tips if you can’t pinpoint the cause of your bloating and go ahead and head over to GutPersonal to get all those great products listed above to kickstart your gut health journey today (without the extra bloat)!

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