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Gut Health Quiz from Gut Healers
Gut Health Quiz from Gut Healers
Want to heal your gut?!

Take the Gut Health Quiz

Get YOUR personalized
protocol & feel AMAZING!

Best Magnesium for Gut Health
Best Magnesium for Gut Health
Miracle in a Bottle

Sleep + Poop Better!

magnesium supplement!

You deserve the BEST gut health. Ever.

True wellness starts in the gut! So, we're on a mission to end gut issues for ALL, starting with YOU!

We don't believe in one-size-fits-all solutions because you're not like anyone else. Our personalized approach means your gut is getting a solution as unique as you are.

Take our gut health quiz today to receive your personalized supplement protocol designed by our expert functional dieticians to improve your gut health today, so you can pursue your passions tomorrow! Let's DO THIS!

How It Works


Our quick 3-min quiz collects your current health status + symptoms you're struggling with.


A personalized supplement plan is created, that is perfect for YOU + your gut.


Experence the BEST results by staying consistent with your gut health supplement protocol . Subscribe + SAVE!

It's a BIG DEAL! We're eliminating gut issues one person at a time.

"My stomach has been messed up for 8 days and after 1.5 days of GutPersonal I literally feel like a new woman. Sold!"
Kelsey E.
"The MIRACLE worker is bomb. I was finishing up the pure magnesium from awhile ago and just opened the miracle worker two days ago. All I can say is, I’ve had such an amazing sleep since I’ve taken them! Thank you for everything you do! You are helping so many people."
"I can’t even tell you how much better I feel!"
Courtney M.
You CAN gut better

A better life is possible and we’re here to support you in that journey.

We get it! We know how discouraging it can be trying to solve your gut health issues without the proper guidance right support , which is why we have developed a way to personalize your healing by identifying which phase of healing you are in. Rather than handing you a probiotic and sending you on your way, our team is here to meet you right where you are. You deserve to feel good, let us help!

Finally! The results you've been hoping for. Our faves:

"It makes me feel so good!"

Targeted probiotic

Balances microbiome

Supports a healthy immune system

"I go to the bathroom every day!!"

Natural constipation relief

Less bloating after meals

Finally - complete poops!

"This makes my gut so happy!!"

Supports amazing digestion

Balances your microbiome

Enhances absorption of vitamins & minerals

The GutPersonal team celebrating because they want to support you. Take our quiz or book a consultation with Jillian today.
Gut Health Happy
Gut-Health Consultation

Get The Support You Need!

Struggling with frustrating gut issues, not sure where to start? We're here to help! Book a FREE consult with one of our registered dietitians so we can get to the root cause and help you feel AMAZING!

Ready to gut even more @gut.personal

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