The Daily Essentials Bundle

Sale price$90.95

Everyone should be taking magnesium and a personalized probiotic... So why not bundle them together?! If you are looking to support great gut health, boost your energy and wellness, want quality products you can trust, this bundle is for you!

Why You'll Love It...

  • Maintains healthy balance in the gut: increases good bacteria and crowds out the bad
  • Improves gut health and boosts immune function
  • Optimizes digestion and increases nutrient absorption
  • Gets you regular! Effortless, daily poops so you feel better & lighter
  • Fall asleep easier, wake up rested
  • Reduce stress and feel calmer, more relaxed

POWDER FORMS available! Perfect for kids or for those who cannot, or do not like to, swallow pills.

Type: The Miracle Worker 30 Serve Powder + The Go To 30 Capsules