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Coaching Programs

Working with our dietitians is the quickest way to get long-lasting results. We offer virtual coaching and advanced lab testing, delivered right to your door!

Ways to work with us

1:1 Coaching

High-level coaching programs for those who are looking for the most support, personalized attention, and a holistic approach to health

The Gut Fix Program

Our signature 12-week group program focused on healing your gut issues by getting to the root cause through gut testing.

Gut Testing

Gut testing al la carte! Get answers to what’s causing your gut issues and a step-by-step plan to rebalance and feel your best.

Not sure which program would be the best fit for you?

Book a complimentary strategy call with our Lead Dietitian!

On this call we will discuss your goals, health history, and current symptoms you have. We’ll talk more about each program and find the best fit for you so you can feel confident about next steps!

We're not just a supplement company

There are many supplement companies out there, but not all are founded by a functional medicine registered dietitian and have a full clinical team of functional medicine registered dietitians. That’s what makes GutPersonal different! Through functional lab testing and ongoing coaching support, we know what it takes to get to the root cause of your symptoms, and design a custom protocol for optimal healing.