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GutPersonal Affiliate Program

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You can an affiliate code and each time it's used, you get commission! There are different levels of commission and all of our affiliates start at LEVEL 2. You receive 15% commission every time your code or link is used.

Level 1

10% off discount code - no commission earned. This applies to those affiliates who have been in the program for longer than 3 months and have sales less than $500 per quarter.

Level 2

10% off code, 15% commission

Level 3

10% off code, 20% commission & free new product drops.

Monthly payouts are issued on the first business day of the following month through PayPal!

How We Communicate with You


Close Friends on Insta

We add you to our close friends on Instagram to connect our founder & lead dietitian with quick product trainings, tips for promoting GP & surprise bonuses!



We have twice a month training sessions zoom! We will send you a google cal invite & an email about what we'll be chatting about before!


Weekly Emails

We send out a weekly email for product highlights, bonuses and anything else that's new and exciting going on!! Add us to your contacts so you never miss a beat!