The Miracle Worker: Magnesium Supplement

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Our best-selling magnesium gets you regular so you have great poops and improves the gut-brain connection so you sleep better, stress less and have healthier mental wellness.

Type: Strawberry Powder (1 mo supply)



of people we have tested are magnesium deficient

  • Gets you regular! Effortless, daily poops so you feel better & lighter
  • Fall asleep easier, wake up rested
  • Relieves frustrating muscle and period cramps
  • Your stress-relief partner (feel calmer, more relaxed)

You Need The Miracle Worker if....

  • You're not going to the bathroom every day
  • Not sleeping great
  • You're stressed or anxious
  • You workout a lot
  • Tight muscles / soreness / cramping
  • Period cramps
  • Frequent headaches
  • Low Vitamin D levels, despite supplementation

What Makes our Magnesium Better

Not all forms of magnesium are created equal, and that's why we use the highest quality and best absorbed form, meaning you will reap the most benefits without any uncomfortable GI issues when taking it.

Real Women, Real Results

Kerry McGinn

Cannot live without!

I am obsessed with this magnesium and can truly feel a difference when I take it vs. when I don't. If I could only purchase one supplement for the rest of my life, this would be it!


The BEST magnesium supplement I have ever tried!

I have tried a handful of magnesium supplements and The Miracle Worker is hands down the BEST. It has supported me so much with sleep, digestion, and muscle soreness after a tough workout.

Stephanie Edgett

Truly a Miracle Worker

Truly lives up to its name. I’ve struggled being consistent so long 💩 this has been a game changer. My anxiety has always kept me up at night. I’ve struggled with falling asleep until I started drinking magnesium! 🙌🏻 sleep and digestion is on point now!

Tera Campbell

Highly Recommend

The miracle worker is amazing! Highly recommend. I have noticed a huge difference in my sleep and health.



It’s so good! I’ve been taking it regularly for months and have noticed a difference in my digestion and sleep. 💯 recommend!

Try The Miracle Worker for yourself

Our customers agree this is the best single addition they have made for their health!

Customer Reviews

Based on 174 reviews
Helps with pregnancy

It’s helping me sleep!! I feel overall relaxed when I take it and can actually get to bed. I really recommend if you struggling with sleep.

Shelby Wilkinson
Works great

I love it! Tastes great and is very helpful!

Sallie Newton
5 stars top notch

I found this has been a game changer for my gut and my muscles

Tera Campbell
The miracle worker

The miracle worker is amazing! Highly recommend. I have noticed a huge difference in my sleep and health.


Love that it really does help me to relax and fall asleep. The taste is super yummy as well.

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