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Why You Should Take a Vitamin D Supplement

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The leaves are changing, it is getting cooler, and summer days are dwindling away! You know what that means…IT’S FALL!

With fall comes pumpkins, the holidays, and so much more! BUT, that also means less and less sunshine (less exposure to vitamin D). The Sunshine is just what you need as we drift into fall!

The Sunshine

The Sunshine is our everyday vitamin D support. It contains vitamin D3 which is ESSENTIAL for your gut, mental, heart, and hormone health! This product really packs a punch because it also supports a healthy immune system. As we get into cold and flu season, this product can help you stay happy AND healthy! It also helps aid in strong bones and can help improve mood and overall well being. You may be thinking… This is sunshine in a bottle!

How to take it

Another lovely aspect of this vitamin D supplement is that it comes in capsule form OR droplet form! So there is something for everyone. If you don’t know your vitamin D levels, it is best to take 1-2 capsules per day. In the summer, we recommend 1-2 drops to maintain your well being!

BUT you can take 3-5 drops directly into your mouth if it’s fall/winter, you are deficient, you need extra immune support, or you live in the northern hemisphere. This product is perfect for EVERYONE! Make sure that if you take the drops, you consume it with a meal containing fat to aid in absorption.

Vitamin D is important YEAR ROUND, but especially when the weather begins to change! If you need some gut, heart, immune, or mental health support; The Sunshine is for you! Shop today on to add this into your fall routine!

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