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5 ways to support your immune system this season

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October is arguably one of the busiest times of year. The kids are back in school, you’re planning the holidays, and all of the sudden have a LOT on your plate. And when you’re busy and out and about, it’s easy to catch a cold and spread it to your whole family.

This cold and flu season, don’t let germs and illnesses get you down! There’s a lot you can do to support your immune system. And if you have kids, you can keep their bodies healthy so the sicknesses at school will stay there rather than invade your home.

Here are 5 tips on how to support your immune system this season:

Get lots of sleep

Sleep is one of the most IMPORTANT aspects of staying healthy, especially when your immune system is weak. Sleep helps your body rest so it can fight off illnesses, and if you don’t get enough, you’re more susceptible to coming down with something.

Not getting a lot of sleep right now? You need magnesium! This powerful supplement, taken consistently, will help your body calm down each night so it can rest. Magnesium is also incredibly important for gut health, and it supports a health poop each morning.

GutPersonal’s magnesium supplement The Miracle Worker will help you sleep, as well as get you regular with digestion, support daytime anxiety and stress, and relax your muscles – whether you have PMS cramps or achy muscles from a workout.

Take supplements for immune health

Taking the right supplements to support your immune system is VITAL this time of year. You could be eating healthy, drinking lots of water, and getting good sleep, but you more than likely need to be taking supplements to give you even more immune protection.

Packed with zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin B, Astragalus, and elderberry, our immune supplement The Defender (and The Defender Jr. for kids) boosts immune function and provides support for your immunity all year round. If you start experiencing symptoms of an illness, you can take The Defender right away and stop the sickness in its tracks!

Give your whole family support for their immune system with The Defender Bundle, featuring both the capsules for adults and the delicious chewables for kids.


Take your Vitamin D

Did you know that Vitamin D is essential for immune support, as well as mental health support, your hormones, and heart health?! As the fall season begins, we get less and less sunlight every day, which means we have to add in a Vitamin D supplement.

The Sunshine comes in both drops and capsules to ensure your health is strong all year round. We highly recommend pairing this Vitamin D supplement with The Defender.

Support your overall gut health

If your gut health is suffering, your immune system will not be supported during cold and flu season. How do you know if your gut is healthy? Think about these questions: How many times to do have a bowel movement every week? Are you bloated often? Do you get a lot of stomach aches or cramping?

The GutPersonal quiz (only two minutes long) will help determine the root cause of your gut issues so your body feels amazing this season and can fight off those germs. Take the gut-health quiz!

Drinks LOTS of water and eat healthy

Lastly, the food and nutrition that you put in your body will have an incredible impact on your immunity and health this season. That means you should be eating high-quality meats and as much organic produce as you can.

Water is also VERY important for your gut health and your immune function. You’ve probably heard this a lot of times, but take your weight, divide it by two, and that’s how many ounces of water you should ideally be drinking each day.

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