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supplements for gut health

3 Must Have Summertime Supplements for Gut Health

It’s almost summertime! The last thing you want standing in the way of an amazing summer is gut issues!

If you’re ready to start feeling the best you EVER have just in time for that sunshine, check out our 3 absolute favorite summertime supplements!!!

Digestive Enzymes for Summertime Bloating

Say goodbye to bloating! 

So many people experience bloating as an average daily annoyance! And while it’s nothing to be embarrassed about, bloating does NOT have to be your normal!

So what the heck is leading to bloating? Your bloat might be your body not digesting food all the way!

This can be SO frustrating, and understandably so! You can target your bloat with digestive enzymes, which go to help you break down food. 

This takes a bit of stress off of your digestive system and breaks everything down so it’s ready for absorption instead of upsetting your gut (which causes bloating!!).

GutPersonal offers 3 different digestive enzymes, so you can get one personalized for what you need!


The Digester

If you find you feel really bloated after eating full meals or meals higher in protein, your best bet is to go with The Digester

The Digester contains betaine HCl, which is what gets your stomach acid to the best pH for digesting food, and enzymes like amylase and pepsin, which literally break down your food!

The Veggie Digester

If you find that you feel especially bloated after eating a lot of veggies, try out The Veggie Digester!

The Veggie Digester works similarly to The Digester, but it’s perfect for foods that are high in starch and fiber because these are especially hard for your digestive system to break down!

Breaking down your food more not only helps you say GOODBYE to bloating, but it also makes nutrients easily absorbable, leaving you feeling amazing!!


The G&D Digester

If you have sensitivities to gluten and/or dairy, The G&D Digester is for you!

I don’t know about you, but something about the summertime makes it hard to resist ice cream, pasta salad, and don’t even get me started on chips and queso!!!

With the G&D Digester, you can kiss that discomfort and bloat that you feel after eating gluten and dairy goodbye!! This blend of enzymes gives you just what you need to break down gluten and dairy!!


The Mover to Ditch Vacation Constipation

The Mover is perfect for that vacay constipation that keeps you from living your best life!!

Adding this into your routine can help keep you regular, which can be especially hard when you’re traveling!

This is NOT a laxative, so you don’t have to worry about any of the harmful side effects or unpredictableness!

Instead, The Mover gives natural constipation relief with artichoke and ginger! This gently promotes movement in your GI tract to keep everything going!

Keeping a regular pooping schedule is essential for your health!!! You should be pooping every day!!!

This helps relieve that uncomfortable fullness you might feel after eating AND help with gassiness and bloating!


The Soother for Summertime Cocktails

Summer is the perfect time for indulgence!!! Don’t let your gut hold you back!

The Soother does exactly what it sounds like – soothes!

L-glutamine and aloe seals, soothes, and HEALS your gut lining to give you relief from discomfort caused by your gut.

This could look like heartburn, bloating, acid reflux, or even just stomachaches! No one likes these pesky symptoms when you’re trying to enjoy the sunshine!

And, if you find yourself getting a little indulgent with some cocktails or just foods that aren’t making your gut feel great, The Soother comes to the rescue!!!

Get Your Gut in Shape This Summer with GutPersonal!!

No one likes feeling bloated and uncomfortable, especially when you’re trying to enjoy your summer!!

GutPersonal has just what you need to feel AMAZING with our favorite summertime supplements!

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