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We're on a mission to END gut issues for ALL! Find gut health tips, new product announcements, and educational blogs from our dietitians here on the GutPersonal blog.

Gut Health Tips

The 21-Day Fall Meal Guide with Delicious Fall Recipes

The 21-Day Fall Meal Guide with Delicious Fall Recipes

Trying to eat healthy but don’t know *what* to eat? Too tired to come up with meals for your family? Don’t have a lot of time every day to cook? Introducing The 21-day Fall Meal Guide! Our Lead Dietitian Jillian, from our sister company The Gut Fix, crafted these delicious fall recipes with your gut in mind.
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5 ways to support your immune system this season

5 ways to support your immune system this season

This cold and flu season, don’t let germs and illnesses get you down! There’s a lot you can do to support your immune system. And if you have kids, you can keep their bodies healthy so the sicknesses at school will stay there rather than invade your home. Here are 5 tips on how to support your immune system this season!

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The Skin-Gut Connection: Fix Your Gut for Glowing Skin

The Skin-Gut Connection: Fix Your Gut for Glowing Skin

Most of us have struggled with skin issues in one way or another, especially as women! Our hormones, menstrual cycle, etc., play a HUGE role in our skin. But that is not the only factor when it comes to skin issues...


If you have skin issues, this means something is going on in your gut!

This may (or may not) come as a surprise, but our gut interacts with so many different aspects of the body, including the skin. If you are struggling with poor gut health, then your skin is probably reflecting that as well. This could range from redness in the cheeks, eczema, psoriasis, dryness, acne, rashes, AND MORE.

All of these issues are telling us that our gut needs help! The gut is the center of ALL health, my friends. Let’s dive into this a little deeper.



One of the most common skin issues is eczema, so you are not alone, girl! If you are struggling with eczema of any kind, this can be a look into your gut health. This will typically be attributed to an overbalance of good and bad bacteria in the gut, which signifies an immune issue! That is why your eczema may seem associated with your immune system (since 70% of your immune system is in your gut!)


Acne is also something that we have all probably struggled with! When you are experiencing gut problems, the toxins/bad bacteria need to escape in some way… and guess what vessel they choose?! That’s right, your skin! This is why you may be struggling with frustrating acne or pesky pimples.


This skin issue is also due to a gut imbalance! If your gut health is off, it won’t have a strong barrier so all the bad stuff will transport out through your largest organ… the SKIN. Do you struggle with any or all of these skin issues? And are you ready for some relief?!


If you have been struggling with skin issues for a while, then you may feel frustrated and helpless at this point… but don’t give up yet, girl! We have just the thing for you!

The Healer by GutPersonal contains gut and immune essentials (aka the skin’s new bestie). The immunoglobulins in this product improve the lining of the gut to STRENGTHEN that barrier so the toxins are not taken out through your skin. It will get rid of the bad guys in your gut, and increase the immune system. A win-win! It will also help with a leaky gut and fight inflammation in your gut.

The Healer is a GAME CHANGER for skin health AND gut health. Try it out today in either the capsule form or the powder form, and start HEALING your gut and skin!

Cheers to loving the skin you’re in.

Are you experiencing a lot of gut and skin issues? Take the GutPersonal quiz to learn more about which products you need to feel AMAZING!

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4 Supplements You NEED for Gut Health | GutPersonal

4 Supplements You NEED for Gut Health | GutPersonal

Did you know that our bodies are missing vital nutrients due to modern agricultural practices and over-farming? Many of us rely on fruits and veggies for the nutrient intake, but it's likely not enough for optimum health.

And if you struggle with gut issues, you likely are not digesting and absorbing the amount of vitamins and minerals that your body needs to function optimally!

Filling in the gaps of your diet with essential nutrients may be the missing piece to your gut-healing puzzle…and this is where supplements come in.

The world of supplementation can be extremely overwhelming if you go into it alone, so let us help you!

Here are 4 supplements you can't live without. (We call these the "core four" at GutPersonal!)


A probiotic supplement can be a healthy gut’s best friend! Probiotics provide a boost in your beneficial gut bacteria which will make sure you have all around gut/immune support. But be careful...if you have a lot of gut issues, taking the right probiotic is essential.

At GutPersonal, we have three different strains of probiotics:

  • The Booster:
    • Balances gut bacteria
    • Strengthens the immune system
    • Helps your gut heal from imbalances or antibiotics
  • The Healer + Pro:
    • The ONLY probiotic with immunoglobulins
    • Boosts healthy gut bacteria
    • Gets rid of bad bacteria
  • The Go-To:
    • Provides good bacteria to the gut
    • Optimizes the function & all the jobs of the gut
    • Keeps the good bacteria in the gut super healthy


If you have never heard of L-glutamine, we are here to tell you it is a game changer! A trending supplement, L-glutamine is an amino acid that helps create protein in the body. 

This supplement helps promote immune function, gut function, and it also helps when the body is inflamed. Found in our fan-favorite supplement The Soother, this form of L-Glutamine powder will help your gut soothe, heal, and be nourished -- especially after indulging! 


Magnesium is what we call our lovely MAGICAL MINERAL! Magnesium is responsible for over 300 reactions in the body, which means it is crucial to your overall wellbeing.

This mineral aids in restful sleep, de-stressing, a well-functioning gut, muscle aches, cramps, and restless legs. The Miracle Worker, our best selling supplement, is an ultra-absorbable form of magnesium which means it really works! This supplement is also AMAZING for helping to relieve constipation and keep bowel movements regular.


What's the difference between probiotics and prebiotics? Prebiotics are food for the good gut bacteria! It takes up temporary real estate in the gut and ensures your good bacteria is FLOURISHING.

Some prebiotics can cause extra bloating which defeats the purpose, right? GutPersonal created a fiber-less prebiotic to solve that exact problem. Our supplement The Prebiotic will boost and feed your good bacteria so you can continue that gut healing.


These four supplements are just the basics of gut health and well being, but there is SO MUCH more to gut health than taking a probiotic. That’s why we created our personalized gut health supplements!

Don't know where to start? It's time to take the GutPersonal health quiz! Get matched with personalized supplements HERE.


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