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Gut Health Courses and Meal Guides

Want to learn more? Check out our free gut health resources.

Meal Guides

Want to take the guesswork out of planning meals? It can be especially hard when you’re trying to eat healthy. We created these gluten free, dairy free meal guides for YOU - the busy momma or single gal.

21-Day Fall Meal Guide

Fall is such a busy time of year, let us take one thing off your plate. Comforting fall inspired recipes that are actually healthy for you.

We’re obsessed with the Garden Pasta, Salmon Salad and Autumn Tacos.

21-Day Summer Meal Guide

Quick and fresh summery meals that make you feel light and energized all summer long.

We’re loving the Summer Crunch Salad, Power Up Smoothie and Chicken Veggie Skillet.

What's in both

  • How to Build a Gut-Healthy Plate
  • A Done-For-You Snack Guide
  • Smart Sweets (brand-new recipes to satisfy your sweet tooth)
  • A seasonal 21-Day Meal Guide (we did all the work for you!)
  • Simple Recipes (flexible, minimal ingredients, takes only minutes to prepare! Easy peasy)
  • & soooo much more
  • Our Lead Dietitian, Jillian, is showing you that eating for gut health is simpler than you may think, and she is showing you how to do it all on your own.

Gut Health Courses

Bloat Free in Three

Understand WHY your gut is a mess and the THREE EASY STEPS to fix it!

Learn how to get rid of frustrating bloat by applying these 3 steps:

  • What to eat to get rid of your bloating
  • What NOT to eat so you don't make bloating worse
  • HOW to eat for a happier, healthier gut
Coming Soon!