During this interactive workshop, you will discover:

How this gut test is different than any other test you've done before (it's very different than the ones your doctor has run)

The 3 mistakes people make when trying to heal their gut, and how to finally start seeing results right away

Why "living with" your gut imbalances is not good for your long term health

Meet Your Coaches!

Bridgitte Mallinson, MS, RDN

Founder of GutPersonal and a functional medicine registered dietitian with over a decade of experience. After overcoming her own health struggles, Bridgitte created the company that supports and empowers you to take your health back into your hands, as well!

Jillian Smith, RDN

Jillian is a registered dietitian with advanced training in functional medicine, and the lead dietitian at GutPersonal. Since the start of the company, Jillian has worked with hundreds of women to restore optimal health and banish gut issues for good. Her passion is to support you in connecting back to your body and finding your best health!