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On-Demand Course

Advanced Nutrition for Gut Health

Cravings? Exhausted? Overwhelmed and confused by nutrition?

Say goodbye to restrictive diets and confusing nutrition advice… It’s time to take your gut health to the next level! 

What is it?

A comprehensive nutrition course created by a registered dietitian, specifically designed to eliminate your frustrating tummy troubles… What more could you want?!

BONUS: Receive a downloadable nutrition workbook filled with guides & resources that you can keep forever!

No more confusing diets or one-size-fits-all solutions

We believe in the power of your body to heal itself, and in this comprehensive course, you'll discover how to harness that innate ability. Learn how to nourish your gut with the right foods, supercharge your digestion, and say goodbye to bloating and discomfort.

This is for you if…

You’ve tried every diet under the sun and nothing is working for your gut issues

You’re confused why some foods make you feel fine one day and the next they’re causing serious gut issues… there seems to be no patterns!

You don’t WANT to follow a rigid food plan, you want to eat what you want but you also want to FEEL your best

You’re exhausted, riddled with sugar cravings, crashing by 3pm every day, brain fogged and irritable.

Happy Tummy, Happy You:

Learn how to nourish your gut with the right foods and unlock the key to better digestion and a happier, more balanced you. No more bloating!

Science-Backed Knowledge:

Grounded in scientific research and years of working with clients, you can trust that every lesson is backed by evidence. Say goodbye to confusion and embrace clarity as we break down the science of gut healthy nutrition in a fun, easy-to-understand way.

Food and nutrition should be ENJOYED! It shouldn’t cause anxiety

In this course we will be walking through the foundations to nutrition and where to start. I’ll teach where to direct your focus, what fads and trends you can tune out, and tangible shifts you can start making today to be a healthier YOU

Curious about what's waiting for you inside this transformative course?

We've crafted not just one or two, but NINE unique modules

...that will walk you through exactly how to eat for vibrant gut health.

  1. Functional Nutrition for Gut Health 
  2. Balanced Meals
  3. How to Eat for Gut Health
  4. Protein Intake & Gut Health
  5. Veggies & Gut Health
  6. Guide to Smart Snacking
  7. Gluten & Gut Health
  8. Grocery Shopping for a Healthy Gut
  9. Balancing Blood Sugar 101

Functional Nutrition for Gut Health:

Unlock the powerful potential of nutrition as medicine and learn to heal and nourish your body from the inside out.

Balanced Meals:

Build your plate with confidence! Learn not only WHAT to eat but WHEN. We'll teach you what you need to know about meal timing and how to properly balance meals.

How to Eat for Gut Health:

Your habits during mealtimes matter! Once you understand WHAT and WHEN to eat, we teach you HOW to eat for optimal digestion and radiant gut health.

Protein Intake & Gut Health:

Discover the powerful influence of protein on gut health and understand how much you need, when you need it, how to get it, and how to ensure you are giving your body the building blacks it needs to HEAL!

Veggies & Gut Health:

No, we will NOT be telling you to simply "eat more fiber" to fix your gut issues (how annoying is that advice?). Instead, we will explain exactly how veggies power our digestion and which ones to focus on for better health, without the bloat.

Guide to Smart Snacking:

How you snack matters. In fact, snacking the wrong way can be the root to your bloating, fatigue and sugar cravings. We'll teach you HOW to snack and set you up with a full arsenal of smart snacking ideas to keep you fueled and energized!

Gluten & Gut Health:

Have you dabbled around in a gluten free diet but never really knowing if it's helping you? Gain a comprehensive understanding of how gluten interacts with the gut, empowering you to make informed choices for a healthier, happier digestive system.

Grocery Shopping for a Healthy Gut:

Master the art of grocery shopping for a healthy gut and learn how to fill your cart with gut-loving foods that will nourish your body and leave you feeling fantastic from aisle to plate.

Balancing Blood Sugar 101:

The cornerstone of health! Learn practical strategies to leverage your diet to maintain stable energy, decreased anxiety, less cravings, better focus, and support overall wellness throughout your day.

Are you ready to embrace a life free from gut issues and restrictive diets?

This Advanced Nutrition for Gut Health course is for you!