How to Keep Yourself Healthy in College

How to Keep Yourself Healthy in College

When you think about college, do you also think of it as a season for making new friends, late-night cramming for exams, and discovering a newfound independence? But wait… why isn’t “selfcare” making the list?

For the college girlies– as you experience this exciting new time in your life, don't forget to give yourself the love and care you need too!

Here are some helpful tips for staying healthy during college to help you truly succeed and thrive during these AMAZING years!!

Your Guide to Cooking On and Off Campus

We know how difficult cooking can be when you’re living in a dorm room, let alone cooking healthy food– however, there are many ways to whip up nourishing meals even with limited space, equipment, and budget!

For example, making simple snacks like peanut butter protein balls and veggies with hummus are great snack options that don’t require much time, effort, or even space to make!

On the other hand, having access to a kitchen in an off-campus house or apartment means more freedom with cooking yummy and nutritious meals. An amazing tip for you if you want to eat healthier without spending a ton of time cooking is meal prepping! 

The GREAT thing about meal prepping is that it can be personalized to you and your schedule– you could make dinner for the entire week, or prep certain ingredients to mix and match!

However, if cooking is not your strong suit, that is totally okay– pick up some freezer-friendly meals! When it comes to frozen meals, simple ingredients are best. Avoid frozen meals with a laundry list of hard-to-pronounce ingredients, and stick to frozen whole foods (fruits, vegetables, quinoa, rice, etc) as much as possible. Try to keep the sodium content to less than 600 mg per serving!

Water, Water, Water!

Yep, you guessed it– our next tip is to drink LOTS of water throughout the day! Keep a trusty water bottle by your side through your lectures, study sessions, and hanging with friends at your house or apartment. 

You could even add a splash of flavor by infusing your water with slices of citrus or berries if you don’t love the taste of plain water!

Getting Your Steps In

Who needs a gym membership when you've got a pretty campus to explore, especially during the amazing weather at the beginning of fall? 

Walking is a GREAT alternative to driving or taking the bus to class because it encourages you to move your body after spending hours on end sitting in class or working on homework.

So, put on your headphones, play your favorite tunes or podcast, and go on a hot girl walk! 

Maintain a Healthy Sleep Schedule

Sure, college is known for napping during the day and staying up late with your friends or doing homework. However, having an irregular sleep schedule can mess with your productivity and energy levels throughout the day.

Even though it can be difficult with so many different things going on at once, try to aim for those golden 7-9 hours of shut-eye. Your brain will thank you, and you'll be well-equipped to tackle your busy days!

Brain Breaks

Contrary to popular belief, studying doesn't always have to be stressful– if you’re feeling a little burnt out, take some well-needed breaks to give your brain a rest! 

It is also SO important to prioritize your mental health and manage your stress, especially during long periods of time spent on classwork– a great way to do so is to set aside time for self-care activities.

For example, do some stretches, listen to music, journal, or read a chapter of a book to take your mind off your studies. Your body and mind will appreciate it!! 

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As you embark on these incredible four years, remember that staying healthy is all about finding a balance that works for you, and you'll be well on your way to acing the ultimate course in staying healthy during college. So crush those study sessions and let your college experience be as vibrant and healthy as you are!

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