Choosing the Right Prenatal Supplement: Key Factors to Consider

Choosing the Right Prenatal Supplement: Key Factors to Consider

Selecting the right prenatal supplement is a significant decision, especially if you're planning a pregnancy or are already expecting. Prenatal supplements play a crucial role in ensuring that you and your baby receive essential nutrients for a healthy pregnancy. However, with a multitude of options available, making the right choice can be daunting. We believe that mom and baby deserve to feel supported before, during, and after pregnancy. Here are key things to look for in a prenatal supplement:

Essential Nutrients:

Look for a prenatal supplement that contains the following essential nutrients:

  • Folate: to support fetal neural tube development
  • Calcium (take iron separately, not in the formula together): for baby’s teeth and bones
  • Vitamin C: growth of all connective tissue (skin and joints)
  • Vitamin A: to support baby’s eye development and good vision
  • Vitamin B6: to help YOUR energy and reduce morning sickness
  • Choline: to support baby's brain development
  • Iodine: healthy fetal brain and thyroid health

Takes into account the health of baby AND mom:

You deserve to feel supported too, mama! That's why our prenatal takes things a step further and we've added extra blood sugar support, more B vitamins for energy, and extra B6 to reduce morning sickness.

Quality and Safety:

Our prenatal has gone through rigorous testing, both 3rd party and in house, to guarantee no heavy metals including arsenic, mercury, Cadmium, lead & more.

Nutrients you absorb, not just pee out:

Designed by dietitians, the experts in how nutrients absorb and function in the body, we've done our research on absorbability. We ensure using the right forms of nutrients, in optimal dosages, and no competing nutrients. (You won't find iron in our formula because it blocks other nutrients... We don't get why other prenatals on the market are still doing this, either).

We believe that mom and baby deserve better

That's why we created the highest quality prenatal and postnatal on the market.

  • The most blood sugar balancing support of any prenatal
  • More B vitamins for better energy for mom & growth for baby
  • Extra choline and other developmentally important nutrients for baby
  • No competing nutrients like iron or omega 3s
  • Extra B6 to reduce morning sickness
  • Magnesium & vitamin D in amounts that you can still personalize (i.e. take more magnesium at night for sleep!)

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