Science of our Supplements

Nourish your body inside out with these gut-friendly recipes created by functional medicine dietitians.

best greens powder for gut health

Gut Greens™ + Reds

Daily greens and reds powder for a boost!

Best Probiotic for SIBO

The Healer + Probiotics: Probiotic with Immune Essentials

Probiotic to improve gut & immune function

Prebiotic for gut health

The Prebiotic: Potent Microbiome Support

Fiber-less prebiotic to support good bacteria

The Sunshine: High Dose Vitamin D with K

The Sunshine: High Dose Vitamin D with K

Support your mood, immune system & bones

l-glutamine powder for gut health

The Gut Soother: L-Glutamine Powder

Soothes irritation while healing leaky gut

The Go-To: Probiotic

The Go-To: Probiotic

Best daily probiotic for optimal health

Gut Healer Supplement Powder

The Healer: Gut and Immune Essentials

Autoimmunity & leaky gut powerhouse

The Rescue: Seasonal Respiratory Support

The Rescue: Seasonal Respiratory Support

Natural support for allergies & lowering histamines

Constipation supplement for gut health

The Mover: Motility Support

Natural constipation relief