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Skin and Gut Health: Unraveling the Gut-Skin Connection

gut and skin connectio

Do you ever feel like your skin doesn’t look the same as it used to? Believe us– we get it! Unfortunately, skin issues like acne and eczema can come from a variety of places, including  poor gut health

If you want to find out how to achieve and maintain radiant, glowy skin, then read on, girl!

Answering Your Skin and Gut Health Questions

As you probably know, the gut plays a SUBSTANTIAL role in the health and well-being of countless systems in the body– this even extends to the outside of our bodies as well!

When things in our gut are running smoothly, we can see it in our clear, radiant skin– on the other hand, skin issues can often indicate that our insides need help. 

Your skin is a window to what’s going on inside.

Here are some examples of the gut and skin connection at work:

What do gut imbalances have to do with skin conditions? 

Your gut contains TRILLIONS of beneficial bacteria which play a vital role in digestion, immune function, and nutrient absorption. However, when  imbalances present as too little beneficial bacteria and/or too much bad bacteria, we can see inflammation that manifests on the skin as acne, eczema, psoriasis, etc. 

For example, There are certain species of bacteria that we test for through GUT TESTING that are associated with acne. If the expensive creams and topicals you are using to clear acne are not working, time to rethink the root cause of your frustrating skin challenges. 

How does leaky gut cause issues with your skin?

Leaky gut occurs when the gut lining becomes compromised, which causes unwanted substances like undigested food particles, toxins, and bacteria to enter the bloodstream. This warrants an inflammatory response that can affect distant areas of the body, including the skin. 

You must heal your gut in order to heal your skin!

How is nutrient absorption related to your skin?

Ongoing skin issues are deeply connected to many nutrient deficiencies, such as vitamin A, vitamin D, zinc, and essential fatty acids.

Your gut is responsible for absorbing the nutrients from the food you eat, including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and more. If your gut health is less than optimal, then your ability to absorb these essential nutrients can be impaired, leading to deficiencies that affect your skin's health and appearance. 

Therefore, knowing this gut and skin connection is ESSENTIAL if you want a happy gut and healthy, glowy skin! 

A Potential Solution

You now know that healing your gut = fixing your skin – so, if you’re looking to heal your gut and finally combat any skin issues along the way, then we have the solution for you!

Our Skin Health Bundle is a combination of some of the best supplements for glowing skin and hair, and it works WONDERS for the rest of the body as well! It includes the Healer + Pro, Gut Greens, and The Miracle Worker, all of which are fantastic for your skin! 

Our Healer + Pro is a revolutionary probiotic blend which helps to fix bacterial imbalances in the gut to improve your immune system. Through boosting good bacteria and eliminating bad bacteria from your gut by binding to them, the Healer + Pro will be your new bestie if you want to remove the toxins in your gut that cause those nasty skin issues! This is also the probiotic-of-choice for supporting the healing of leaky gut!

Let’s talk greens powders! Our Gut Greens + Reds is AMAZING all-around for boosting gut health and well-being by increasing the amount of good bugs in your gut! This green gut powder also contains red nutrients from foods like pomegranate and raspberries. This powerful blend contains 16 antioxidant-rich ingredients that work to ward off inflammation and oxidative stress in your system that could be causing your skin issues, making these THE greens for gut health and skin health!

The Miracle Worker is also great for holistic well-being in that it improves sleep quality, decreases stress and anxiety, promotes regular bowel movements, and more. Did you know sleep is a crucial time for your skin to renew and regenerate? Getting quality sleep every night is one key aspect to improving your skin health! Also, lots of stress can cause inflammation in our system, which could then lead to skin problems– tackling the stress at its source will help spare you from those pesky pimples or other potential skin issues! Finally, if you are not having daily, complete bowel movements, this can lead to a build up of toxins that manifest as skin issues.

We ALL want to feel happy and confident in our own skin, and it all starts with good gut health!!

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