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Our Dietitians

There are many supplement companies out there, but not all are founded by a functional medicine registered dietitian and have a full clinical team of functional medicine registered dietitians. That’s what makes GutPersonal different! Through functional lab testing and ongoing coaching support, our team of dietitians knows what it takes to get to the root cause of your symptoms, and design a custom protocol for optimal healing. Meet our team below! 

Meet the Team!

A photo of Gutpersonal's CEO and Founder Bridgitte Mallinson

Bridgitte Mallinson, MS, RDN, Founder & CEO

Bridgitte Mallinson, MS, RDN, is the founder and CEO of GutPersonal, a supplement company that empowers its customers to eliminate gut issues FOR GOOD through a personalized approach. 

After healing a lifelong struggle with her gut, Bridgitte has spent a decade studying functional medicine and nutrition as a registered functional dietitian. Her mission is to improve the health and wealth of ALL women (and men!). 

GutPersonal is not only female founded but mainly female FUNDED and operated with her team of experienced clinicians, marketers, and operational staff. Bridgitte surrounds herself and works with women who WANT IT ALL: an ultra successful business and to absolutely love their life.

Bridgitte does not currently see clients

A photo of Gutpersonal's Lead Dietitian, Jillian Smith

Jillian Smith, Lead Registered Dietitian

Jillian Smith, RDN, is the lead registered dietitian for GutPersonal and The Gut Fix, where she helps women restore optimal health through personalized coaching and lab testing.

As a functional dietitian specializing in gut health, Jillian empowers women to stop guessing and get to the root of their gut symptoms.

Having struggled with her own gut issues, Jillian not only understands your stomach troubles, but she has the answers to heal from them for good.

Jillian knows the frustration that comes with not feeling truly well in your body, and she is on a mission to help change that. Because when you feel good from the inside out, you can then live your BEST life ever!

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Tara Durden, MS, RD

Tara is a registered dietitian at GutPersonal and has almost a decade of experience helping women understand their hormones and find ways to feel more empowered and incredible in their bodies! She helps women optimize their hormones and gut health before and after pregnancy.

Tara grew up a teen with a few extra pounds, heavily influenced by diet culture to measure up to society’s standards. Little did she know the damage she was causing to her metabolism, hormones, and overall health. Tack on over a decade of birth control to the equation and that was a recipe for disaster.

Using a functional medicine approach, Tara fixed her hormone imbalances and gut health struggles. Now feeling the most confident in her body that she ever has, she is passionate about helping you feel the same.

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A photo of Gutpersonal dietitian, Jenna Long

Jenna Long, RD, CLEC

Jenna Long is a registered dietitian at GutPersonal where she helps women find the root cause of their gut, skin, and weight struggles through advanced lab testing & personalized coaching. 

A real nerd at heart, Jenna is passionate about taking the complicated, overwhelming world of nutrition and wellness & breaking it down into “digestible bits” of information to make your routine intentional and easy to follow!

Having struggled with fitting good, quality nutrition into her own busy schedule, Jenna makes sure that her protocols aren’t just science-based, they are realistic & enjoyable (and that includes having a margarita with friends!). 

Jenna is passionate about empowering you to take your health into your own hands. Whether your goal is reaching your healthiest weight, feeling confident in your skin, or getting rid of annoying, uncomfortable gut issues, Jenna is here to help you feel your best!

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