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"I seriously love this product and so happy to share it!!" - Corrine A.

The Gut Fix™ Program


13 reviews



  • Weekly 60-min group sessions via Zoom with Lead Registered Dietitian, Jillian ($4000 VALUE)
  • The Gut Fix online course ($300 VALUE)
  • Functional Stool Testing with private results review recording ($1300 VALUE)
  • 3 month customized supplement regimen ($200 VALUE)
  • Membership to our private online community for unlimited support, questions, and connection ($1000 VALUE)
  • Downloadable workbook that guides you through practical tips on food choices, grocery lists, a balanced plate, best brands, food journaling, stress management, and more ($600 VALUE)
  • BONUS: Signature meal guides for gut healthy meal inspo and ideas ($400 VALUE)

Total Value: $7800... YOU PAY ONLY: $2,200

The Science

The Soother: The Soother is designed to promote the health and barrier function of the gastrointestinal (GI) lining. Its unique formula includes nutrients that support the gut mucosal epithelium. The purpose of the epithelium is to allow the digestion and absorption of your food while keeping unwanted toxins, microbes and food particles from passing directly into the body. The Soother includes a high-dose of L-glutamine (4 g), which serves as nutrition for the gut lining. It provides 400 mg of deglycyrrhized licorice root extract (DGL) and 75 mg of aloe vera extract, both of which protect and promote the health of the gut mucosa. N-acetyl glucosamine and zinc boost GI integrity. The Soother is available in delicious chocolate and vanilla flavors.

The Healer: Autoimmunity is seriously on the rise and research shows a connection between autoimmune diseases and leaky gut. The gut barrier plays a key role in immune health so with the binding capabilities of immunoglobulins in this product, we can have a positive effect on healing leaky gut.

Immunoglobulins in this product bind to bad guys in the gut (like bad microbes and toxins) in the gut and get rid of them as to not overly activate the immune system. As these unwanted triggers are removed, it resets healthy immune tolerance, especially to food sensitivities.

Suggested Use

The Soother: Start with ½ scoop and increase to a full scoop after a few days. It's easiest to incorporate it into your morning or evening routine, whenever best fits into your schedule!

The Healer: Start with 1-2 capsules (or a half scoop) and increase over a few days or weeks depending on your sensitivity levels. Continue taking 4 capsules (or 1 scoop of the powder) as part of your daily routine for 3-6 months. 

You can take The Healer whenever best fits into your schedule. We LOVE mixing it with The Soother or The Miracle worker. It is flavorless but does not mix incredibly well due to it being an extremely natural product.

If you have a current autoimmune condition, you can double the dose per day. Take up to 8 capsules per day (or 2 scoops), increasing gradually over 1-4 week

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Colleen Glinton
The gut fix

This program is worth every dollar! So glad I invested in myself!

I was sick and tired of feeling bloated all the time

Why I joined GUT FIX-
I was sick and tired of feeling bloated all the time and uncomfortable in my own body. I wanted to feel better and be more confident.

How did you overcome any nervousness or indecision about joining this program?
Jillian never pressured me but continued to provide knowledge and confidence that she would be able to help.

Anais Possamai
Finally finding out what was going on in my body all these years has been life changing.

Working with Jillian from Gut Personal has been amazing! Finally finding out what was going on in my body all these years has been life changing. Although I’m still in the journey of healing my guts and fixing what we found out. I’ve already seen amazing results throughout the 4 months program.

My skin is finally clearing out, I’ve lost 18lb that I had gained incredibly fast. I’m sleeping through most nights and no more major period cramps. Overall it has been an incredible journey of learning and living a healthier lifestyle.

The Gut fix is an amazing learning source when it comes to gut health and nutrition and recommend it to anyone who needs support in their gut health journey.

Hi Anais,

So happy to hear you are experiencing such amazing results of The Gut Fix. It's a life changing program and I'm glad you are seeing the impact of working with Jillian and learning how to support your body on your gut healing journey!

Shannon Sanford
Finally Getting Answers!

So glad I decided to join the gut fix program, for so long I’ve struggled with stomach sensitivities, gut problems, bloating, you name it. After getting the personalized result break down from the gut test, I finally have answers that make sense, and a tailored protocol for healing! Best of all the support is fantastic!

Thank you so much for your review! These mean the world to us and we SO appreciate you taking the time to share your experience with the program. Not only are they important to us for feedback but hopefully others can relate to your review to get the answers they are looking for, too! Thanks again!

Ashley Toia
I came to this program because I went to 4 different doctors and no one had answers!

I just finished my three month course with Jillian. I came to the course because I was suffering from awful bloating and gas almost every day and I went to four different doctors and no one really had any answers for me and offer anything really helped. So I started this program and made a lot of changes and learned a lot from the online learning modules. I really really enjoyed those and now I am feeling so much better. My mood is improved, not just my physical body symptoms. I just feel like I'm in a much better place in my life now. Very very thankful to Jillian and I hope that other people join the course as well