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"I added these into my daily routine and am already feeling TEN TIMES BETTER!" - Courtney M.

IG SALE - Ultimate Wellness Routine



Ultimate Wellness Routine: Gut Greens + The Soother + The Miracle Worker + The Healer

You'll LOVE this bundle if:

  1. don't go to the bathroom every day
  2. have trouble falling or staying asleep
  3. don't get in your daily fruits and veggies
  4. want increased energy and antioxidants
  5. have bloating, stomach aches or cramping
  6. need LOTS of gut healing


The Science

The Sunshine+

Vitamin D and K have a harmonious relationship to improve bone and heart health. Not only does vitamin D and K share similar qualities, but they also work in synergistic healing within the body. We also recommend taking The Miracle Worker when taking vitamin D to improve levels. 

The Defender:

This supplement is a powerful blend of key nutrients and botanical extracts that support your immune system for optimal strength and function

Suggested Use

The Sunshine+: Our dietitians recommend taking 1 capsule per day or 5 drops directly in the mouth or in drink of choice with a meal containing fat 

Be sure to get your vitamin D checked with your doctor or dietitian to ensure you're taking the right dose. Our dietitians recommend levels of 40-60 for most people.

The Defender: ONSET of feeling sick: Take 2 capsules every hour for 6 hours. Wait 12 hours then repeat. Continue until symptoms subside, then take 2 capsules per day for the next week.

MAINTENANCE: Take 2 capsules per day during cold/flu season, traveling, periods of high stress, or any time your immune system may be low. 

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