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"I added these into my daily routine and am already feeling TEN TIMES BETTER!" - Courtney M.

IG SALE - The Bloat Free + Sleep Bundle



The Bloat Free + Sleep Bundle: The Healer + The Soother + The Miracle Worker

You'll LOVE this bundle if:

  1. LOTS of gut issues and flare ups
  2. bloating, stomach aches or cramping
  3. the urgent need for a bathroom
  4. skin issues or food sensitivities/ allergies
  5. autoimmune conditions
  6. AND you want SLEEP and STRESS support


    The Science

    The Sunshine+

    Vitamin D and K have a harmonious relationship to improve bone and heart health. Not only does vitamin D and K share similar qualities, but they also work in synergistic healing within the body. We also recommend taking The Miracle Worker when taking vitamin D to improve levels. 

    The Defender:

    This supplement is a powerful blend of key nutrients and botanical extracts that support your immune system for optimal strength and function

    Suggested Use

    The Sunshine+: Our dietitians recommend taking 1 capsule per day or 5 drops directly in the mouth or in drink of choice with a meal containing fat 

    Be sure to get your vitamin D checked with your doctor or dietitian to ensure you're taking the right dose. Our dietitians recommend levels of 40-60 for most people.

    The Defender: ONSET of feeling sick: Take 2 capsules every hour for 6 hours. Wait 12 hours then repeat. Continue until symptoms subside, then take 2 capsules per day for the next week.

    MAINTENANCE: Take 2 capsules per day during cold/flu season, traveling, periods of high stress, or any time your immune system may be low. 

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