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"I seriously love this product and so happy to share it!!" - Corrine A.

The Energy and Sleep Gift Set

Gut Greens + The Miracle Worker + Frother


The Energy + Sleep Gift Set is the perfect gift for someone who needs a lot of energy and nutrition during the day, and lots of rest at night!

This could be a busy mom in your life who doesn't have time to eat a lot of veggies every day. Or maybe it's a friend who works a lot and needs supplements to support them!


 The Miracle Worker

  • More restful, improved sleep
  • Gets you regular so you poop every day
  • Decreases stress and anxiety during the day
  • Supports muscle and period cramps

The name says it all! Our magnesium supplement, The Miracle Worker, is our best seller! This product gets you regular so you have great poops. It also seriously improves the gut-brain connection so you sleep better, stress less and have healthier mental wellness.

No CHEAP Magnesium Oxide here! Only the best, most effective forms of magnesium powder in The Miracle Worker.

You'll love it if... you're not going to the bathroom every day, you don't sleep 100% well each night (either light sleeper, waking often or not energized when you wake up), you get muscle cramping, you're stressed or anxious.

Gut Greens

  • Perfect if you struggle to eat enough fruits and veggies
  • Increases the good bacteria in your gut for better gut health and wellbeing
  • 16 superfoods and antioxidant-rich to help reduce risk of certain diseases

With 16 superfoods and rich in antioxidants, Gut Greens™ is a delicious greens powder that boosts nutrition, increases energy, and optimizes antioxidant function!

The Science

The Miracle Worker: Every person our dietitians have tested was deficient in magnesium. There are two main reasons for magnesium deficiency: When the body is stressed (mentally and physically), it requires more magnesium. Food contains less magnesium because of poor soil quality. In addition to the gut health, mental health & energy uses, The Miracle Worker helps maintain healthy blood pressure and blood sugar levels. 

Gut Greens: The Gut Greens powder combines concentrated, organic fruits and berries with a vegetable antioxidant blend to help build antioxidant reserves and protect the body from free radical damage.

Suggested Use

The Miracle Worker: Start with 1 scoop of powder in the evening, and can gradually increase up to 2 scoops per day if needed.

For daytime stress, anxiety & energy support, add 1 scoop of powder in the morning. 

Gut Greens: Mix 1 scoop in water, juice, or a smoothie as part of your morning or evening routine, whenever best fits into your schedule!

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