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"These have been SO helpful for me. I’ve been taking them for a month and I’ve noticed a tremendous difference after eating a meal" - Amanda

The Digester: Powerful Digestive Enzymes


6 reviews


The Digester is a comprehensive blend of enzymes to support healthy digestion, help you absorb more nutrients, and reduce post-meal bloating and fullness. You are not "what you eat", you are what you absorb - Eat healthy, digest more, and feel better with The Digester!

Why You'll Love It...

  • Reduces bloating & gas after meals
  • Supports better digestion
  • Absorb more nutrients for healthier hair, skin and nails
  • Improves breakdown of food especially protein, which can help reduce food sensitivities
  • Contains betaine HCl for stomach acid support & production
The Science

In the gastric phase, betaine HCl and pepsin prime the stomach, ensuring proper pH to initiate the first phase of digestion. This sets up for the second stage of digestion, the enteric phase, in which high-concentration protease, amylase, lipase, and trypsin are released and activated in the small intestine to ensure proper protein breakdown and fat absorption. The Digester is a unique blend of high-powered enzymes works to enhance digestion and ensure maximum nutrient intake.

Suggested Use

Take 2 capsules before each meal

You are not “what you eat” — you are what you absorb!

If you do not have the proper digestive enzymes or stomach acid to properly break down your food, you will not be able to absorb all the nutrients. Not only can poor digestion lead to bloating, cramping and gas, but it can also lead to poor energy, weak skin, hair and nails, brain fog, and food sensitivities.

Eat healthy, digest more, and feel better with The Digester!

The Digester from GutPersonal helps extract more nutrients from the foods you eat and helps to reduce that bogged-down, heavy feeling after meals. The Digester contains specific enzymes that help to balance stomach acidity and protein breakdown in the stomach, as well as enzymes for nutrient absorption in the small intestine from the foods you eat.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Morgan Hennessey
The Digester is amazing!!

I have been using the digester for several months now and it really helps me feel less bloated. I have had trouble breaking down food and this is a key part of my daily routine. Highly recommend!

Jill Brassard

This product has helped me so much with no more stomach upset after eating !! This product has reduced my bloating and just plain feeling full every time I ate. Thank you so much Gut Personal !!

So grateful for these digestive enzymes!

These have been SO helpful for me. I’ve been taking them for a month and a half and I’ve noticed a tremendous difference in how I feel after eating a meal. Feeling bloated is very rare now!

What a difference!

LOVE having these in my purse to take before big meals that normally would make me feel heavy and bloated! Love that I can enjoy my favorite foods and feel light and energized after!


I love that I feel more digested & less bloated after meals with this product! Life changer!!!!