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The Go-To Jr. Probiotic


1 review

GREAT for kids in a powder form
  • Helps maintain good balance of good and bad bacteria;
  • Supports normal poops;
  • Supports great digestion and vitamin/mineral absorption
The Go-To Probiotic is our well-rounded, potent and effective daily probiotic. It provides good bacteria to the gut to optimize its function and keep the good bacteria in the gut super healthy.
Suggested Use

For Kids under 2:
Start with Ÿ scoop per day, can have up to ½ scoop per day

For Kids over 2:
Start with ½ scoop per day, can have up to 1 scoop per day

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Liz Konopka
The Go-To Jr. Probiotic

I am excited about this product! The kids can’t really taste the powder since I add it to their drink in the morning. They just started, but I’m looking forward to them using this product daily and feeling better!