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hormone and gut connection

Hormone and Gut Health Connection

Hormones are affecting your gut health; and your gut health is affecting your hormones.

Maybe you’ve heard of the Gut-Hormone connection and you are interested in learning more. Everything in the body is affecting everything else… Welcome to the human body! This is especially true for hormones and gut health - let’s break it down.

Do you struggle with terrible PMS? If you dread the approach of your period every month, you may be all-too-familiar with symptoms like mood swings, anxiety, acne, funky digestion, gas, bloating, heavy & painful periods, and bathroom issues. Maybe you know that your frustrating symptoms, irregular cycles, and other period problems are coming from imbalanced hormones, but did you know that imbalanced hormones are often NOT the root cause?

Many times, hormones are RESPONDING to something else in the body. So in order to regulate happy hormones, we have to figure out what’s throwing them off in the first place. And that’s where your gut health comes in!

Your gut health plays a crucial role in regulating hormone balance. One of the ways it does this is by daily, complete pooping! If you struggle with constipation it’s not surprising you may also struggle with hormonal symptoms. Without eliminating excess hormones from the body, they can “build up” and cause things to go awry in the body.

Okay, so what if you aren’t constipated (maybe you go TOO much) but still struggle with other gut issues and hormonal symptoms? Hormones are RESPONDING to something in the body. Any sort of hidden infection, inflammation, imbalance of bacteria in the gut can negatively impact your hormones. That’s why gut testing is an important part of finding hormonal harmony. Figuring out what your hormones are responding to, WHY things are out-of-whack, and addressing that root cause is the fastest way to thriving hormones!

But it doesn’t stop there! Your hormones also affect your gut health. Your body needs hormones (things like progesterone, estrogen, testosterone) to heal and restore. Without sufficient hormones, healing your gut can feel like an uphill battle. Think of your hormones like essential resources for gut healing.

There are many symptoms associated with poor gut health and the same goes for imbalanced hormones! Here are common signs that your gut and hormones are out-of-whack. Keep count of how many of these signs or symptoms you may have: bloating, digestive issues, irregular cycles, increased anxiety, mood swings, issues falling asleep, staying asleep, night sweats, period cramps, loose stools, constipation. Do any of these sound like you? Your hormones need support!

List of gut-hormone symptoms

Okay, so what do we do? How do we pull out of this vicious cycle?

We got you!!

As you may know, we have helped hundreds of women fix their gut issues through stool testing. This helps us understand exactly what is going on in the gut to design personalized nutrition, lifestyle, and supplement protocols to transform your gut health. And we know that in order for effective gut healing, we need proper hormones. This is where hormone testing comes in!

The hormone testing we utilize is very different from hormone tests you may have gotten with your doctor. We are measuring your hormones via URINE - a much more comprehensive way to look at hormone health!

Want to know more about hormones, testing, and learn tactical tips you can begin implementing for happier gut-hormone balance?

Schedule a complimentary strategy call with us to learn more about working with our team of dietitians!

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